Can I get an email address to go with my domain name?

Yes – all of the hosting packages that we offer come with free unlimited email addresses. Our servers are used by most of our clients for processing email, although some process their email using Microsoft Outlook, Google apps or some other method. So how can you determine whether you should process your emails using our server or pay for Google apps or another service? If you really need to have each email get to where it needs to go each time without them getting caught up in the spam filters, then it is probably a good idea to use a more reliable service like Microsoft Outlook or Google apps. Microsoft and Google servers are well-known all over the world, and the email those come from those servers have higher priority compared to the email that comes from our servers. That means that it is less likely that the email coming from Microsoft or Google will get lost somewhere in cyberspace or marked as spam. You also need to consider how annoying it is to you when you have spam getting in your inbox. Although our spam filtering is good, Google’s is superior, which ensures that your inbox isn’t flooded with unwanted email on a daily basis. Some clients are also very familiar with using Outlook or Google’s webmail client and would prefer to not have to learn a new system. If you are not bothered by these issues and would rather have the free email that we offer as part of your hosting instead of having to pay for a premium service like Microsoft Outlook or Google apps, then we would be very glad to help you with getting your email addresses set up.

Orange Snowman is not responsible for setting up Outlook or Gmail accounts in any of our client’s devices such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Orange Snowman is not responsible for emails or plugins that are hacked by malicious individuals, we have security in place but we can’t guarantee this will never happen. We are not responsible for the effects such attack may cause such as an email account or a site being blacklisted. We can’t guarantee that once this happens your emails will not be sent to the spam box of Gmail. We guarantee delivery of emails to our webmail, what happens afterward is outside of our power. Nevertheless, Orange Snowman will help you in clearing these problems with the clear understanding that these efforts are voluntary and not because we are responsible for the problem.