How Is a Custom Theme Created?

It all begins with project understanding, we will need to establish the look and feel you are going for. Please provide us with all related marketing materials, this will help us better understand your needs, including what you would like your website to achieve.

We will create two or more home page designs to choose from and will offer you two rounds of edits for your chosen design to ensure you are happy with the final results.

If you want to have a few of your other key pages redesigned, we will help you identify your key pages and proved a unique design for each page. Again, you will receive two rounds of edits where you can request any changes that you feel are necessary.

Once these designs have been finalized, we will create a unique and custom theme for your website. During this phase, you will get an opportunity for two more design changes.

Once everything is agreed upon, your content will be inserted in the new theme and you will be given a final chance to make any changes before your site goes live.