What is a WordPress plugin?

Plugins are resources or tools that can be used for getting a certain job done. None of us are born holding a smartphone in our hand. However, we have discovered that having one can make us more productive. The same thing is true with WordPress and plugins. You can easily install plugins to provide WordPress with some added and special functionality that you don’t get with it directly from the box. For instance, although WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly, it does not come with specialized SEO features that enable you to set descriptions and keywords up for every page. However, you can install an SEO plugin that will add this functionality. A plugin that allows you to add a slider to your website’s homepage is another example. This functionality doesn’t come with WordPress right from the box, so this ability is added by the plugin. Plugins are very useful tools that make it possible for you to customize your website to do whatever it is you want it to. No more and no less. If every imaginable function came with WordPress out of the box, the code would be so heavy and bloated that your website would run very slowly. Using plugins helps to ensure that you only get what you need.

Just like you can put down your smartphone when you don’t need it, you can also uninstall a plugin if it isn’t useful anymore. You can have an unlimited number of plugins on a WordPress site, however, we recommend that you have a maximum of 15. That is because we have found that a website’s speed starts to significantly decrease whenever you use more than 20 plugins, and many times some of those plugins aren’t really being used and can simply be uninstalled rather easily. If you think your website is running too slowly, it may be due to some of the plugins you are using. We will be very happy to check out the plugins you are using to determine which ones might be negative affecting the speed of your website and recommend how to fix this problem