What is an SSL certificate?

When a website has an SSL certificate it allows it to begin its URL with https rather than http. It is very important to have the “s” added on the end to sure the information being sent from the website user to the server. When you purchase an SSL certificate, you will need to certain information regarding website and company. The certificate lets the website user know that your business is legitimate. It provides the user with confidence that they can give your website their personal information without any shady characters hijacking it.

SSL certificates do expire and need to be renewed. You can buy certificates that are god for one year or multiple years up to a maximum of 5 years. Every time your certificate is renewed, it has t be reinstalled on your servers, and on the certificate it will show the new expiration date. The next time you are at a website where you are buying something or that asks you for your personal information, look to see if the URL starts with https and also for the padlock symbol located next to the URL. If they are not there, then don’t buy anything or give the website any of your personal details.