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How Plugins Make WordPress The Most Powerful Web Site Platform In Existence

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform in the world today and is even used as the structure for many web sites that aren’t even considered to be blogs. It’s that powerful. And it’s that power that has many businesses and bloggers as well that don’t know the potential they have at their finger tips when it comes to what they can do with WordPress and their web sites.

One of the most powerful aspect of the WordPress platform is the ability to use plugins. And with the popularity of WordPress there is no shortage of available plugins, both for free, and for a fee.

Here are five WordPress plugins you may want to consider using to start realizing the potential of your WordPress site.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Nowadays, the ability for visitors to interact on a web site is a necessity. It used to be just the ability to comment via text would do. But that’s not the case anymore. So if you use WordPress for your business site, especially for product sales (and even more so, high priced items or complicated ones) you are going to love this.

With the WordPress Live Chat plugin your customer service team can interact with potential customers in real time. This is a huge plus for you. People love the idea of talking to an actual person when they have questions and getting those answers now, as opposed to sending an email to support and wondering if they’ll ever get an answer and when they do, they find out it doesn’t truly answer the question they have and they have to start all over again. By this time they may have already moved on to a competitor that has this very feature on their site.
Even with a live chat feature, people will still need to be able to get in contact via email. Or you may need to collect important information from site visitors. Or you might want to survey them to better help with their user experience. With WordPress there are plugins that allow you to create various email forms and you don’t need to know coding when you use a plugin.
You can easily create booking and email forms. WordPress is in direct

This is great for a low tech small business who wants to have a user-friendly way for their customers to give their information out.

Everyone is sharing via Social media nowadays. But getting those buttons for all the various accounts up on a web site can be a real pain. Not with WordPress plugins. With these plugins, it becomes very easy to add the Social media account buttons that are relevant to you and your business, whether it’s You Tube, Facebook, or Twitter. By using a social media plugin and providing quality information, you can get a lot of free advertising when visitors share your content with their friends, via social media.

Web site security becomes more vital each and every day. There are a variety of WordPress security plugins and one, Security Ninja, has many of the best security features built right into it. You get to secure your site information and the information of your customers, as well.

All the SEO You Need

WordPress has a lot of very effective SEO Plugins, many for free and some high end paid ones at well. They allow you to easily set up your posts and pages to maximize the SEO value, giving you helpful hints, “scores” and ways to improve your page for the search engines.

No other web site buildng platform gives you the power and variety of WordPress, all because of the powerful plugin system. This is one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress.

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