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What does your brand stands for?

What Drives You, Ambition or Vision?

Table of Contents

What makes you get up in the morning?

What do you stand for? What is your mission? Answering a few questions honestly can take your organization from run-of-the mill, to memorable and engaging. Orange Snowman can help you define your brand, once this is establish your whole team has to assume and act upon these principles, it becomes your constitution. A brand positioning statement is not static, you may find that their are other qualities you want to adapt or even drop as you go through a process of self discovery.

What makes you get up in the morning? Are you driven by a vision or perhaps is just ambition? A vision is like the wind beneath your wings. Ambition is the rat race, even if you win it, at the end you become a rat.

Here is an example, if you are telling me that you want your business to be exclusive, for affluent folks, then you don’t create discount coupons or highly discounted specials, people will sense you are not what you say you are. Another example, when you go to Home-Depot, they could have marble floors and valet parking, but that is not what their brand stands for, it’s about being efficient and self reliable. 

Orange Snowman's brand positioning statement

Orange Snowman’s mission is to co-create websites and marketing materials that engage, connect, and convert. We like to work with generous, enthusiastic clients in a mentoring environment where no one is afraid of expressing their ideas. Our goal is to align the thoughts of the designer and the client towards satisfying the needs of the customer. We strive to be original because when we are true to ourselves, we feel good about the work we do and the lives we live.

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