Web Hosting Questions

Why should I host with you?

With the plethora of hosting ads and options available today, you may be wondering why you would take your business to us rather than a less expensive option like GoDaddy.

The thing to remember will be the difference between price and value. Price is what you will pay if you are interested in paying less, we might not be the best option.

But, the value is what you will receive for your cash, and if you want the best value for your money, we are certainly the best choice.

If you were to look for a hosting option based on observation loan, you may make a poor choice and select an option that is not enough for the needs of your website making your loading times slow and your conversions slower.

Or you could suddenly miss out on important emails because one of the many details to be configured was misconfigured. Finally, not everyone has the technical know-how to really understand what is happening in a website. Even very easy to use websites are subject to the constantly upgrading online world. Without an expert to keep things in order “under the hood” you can spend a lot of time messing around in subjects you know little or nothing about.

This is why hosting is simply the best option for you. We will help you find the very best server for the needs of your website. We will also handle all the configurations for your website to avoid future problem. If you do have a problem we will stay on the line with tech support until the situation is corrected and you are back online.

We pride ourselves in Customer Service. If our clients have an issue, they know they can email us with a notification and have their situation fixed within an hour.

Still not sure? Here are a few more reasons we are the best option for your hosting needs.

  • We provide personalized care for every website hosting on our server. All WordPress Servers are backed up each week and we provide the important updates to WordPress Core files and Plugins as they are needed, but at least once a week.
  • We keep a specific number of clients on each of our servers. This means we also shoulder the added responsibility for the security of each website. This allows ius to keep a tight security protocol across our entire hosting environment.
  • With a hosting option like GoDaddy, your site will be on a platform with a million other sites, what happens to them can affect you too. If your website “neighbor” has been flagged for inappropriate conduct online, you could likely be affected as well.
  • Web sites on our hosting services operate at faster speeds. We recently moved some sites to a new server when they were experiencing difficulty with the speed of their website and their operating time dramatically improved. If you are operating on a server like GoDaddy, all of your web traffic will be coming through a single server portal. This means if the full capacity for the server is especially low tonight, and another site on the server has an especially large amount of traffic today, you could be sidelined.
  • The impact of all the websites on our server is carefully monitored to avoid “resource hogging”. This ensures that all the websites in the community function optimally without interfering with the others.
  • Count on us for premier customer service. If you have any issue with our service, call us up or send us an email and we will have your situation resolved within the hour (in most cases). Furthermore, you won’t have to spend long hours on the phone deciphering incantations from tech support, we are there to do the technical “heavy lifting” for you.
  • Our mission is to make the hosting process as easy for you as possible. If we keep your website up and running, you will have more time to focus on the important work you do, taking time with the family or just taking time for yourself.


What is managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress website requires an important maintenance to keep them working optimally. As mentioned in the previous question (See: Q: Why are updates and backups important?), without regular backups and updates, system failure is imminent.

While most website owners have the best intentions to update and maintain their sites, they can fall behind only to be reminded by system breach. To ensure that all of our WordPress websites on our servers are functioning optimally, we offer to handle the updating and backing up as part of our services. This allows our clients the peace of mind that their site will be kept functional. This is what we call managed “WordPress” services.

Will I need the monthly maintenance plan?

If you are the type of person who can’t be bothered with all the technical mumbo-jumbo associated with owning and operating a website and need this handled by the experts call us up. Furthermore, if you are the type who needs premiere services and a website that will remain functional come hell or high water, then you should know we include this as part of our deal. All technical aspect of your site will be handled by the expert.

We currently run a Network-Based Integrity Monitoring System, which regulates the sites and ensures everything is working well. This system provides our technicians important updates in real-time. If there is any problem, we will know about it quickly and work to resolve it with all haste.

We have a policy on this:

The first security breach will be handled by us at no cost to our clients. Any subsequent breaches will be paid for by the client at a cost of $125.

Additional cleanups are free, but only for three per year. If you have experienced more than three per year, there is invariably something very serious going on that requires special service. Nevertheless, there has been a 100% effective rate against breaches for all our clients who have switched to our security service.

While you retain the option to select this service or not, we highly recommend it as valuable protection for your site and content.

I already have a website in operation can you host it?

If you have a WordPress site, most certainly! We would love the opportunity to work on relocating your website to our fine servers. If you don’t have a WordPress website, then we would love to discuss the particulars of your site and see what options we can provide for you.


Why are updates and backups important?

Security breaches are a constant problem to the modern website as intellectual property increases in value. If the core and plugin files are not regularly updated they are more susceptible to these attacks and WordPress sites can be left wide open. Furthermore, outdated WordPress sites can stop working of their own volition. Backups keep a solid copy of the site in case there is such a problem. If there is a breach or system failure, the backup can restore the website to functionality.


If You Decide to Hire us to Create a Custom Theme:

  • The designer will create at least two different home page designs for you to choose from. Then there will be two rounds of edits to help ensure the final design is exactly what you are looking for.
  • If you would like your website further personalized, we can design additional pages at an extra cost. We will identify your key pages and provide a separate design for each page. Then, we will do two rounds of editing to ensure that the finalized design on these pages is to your liking.
  • Once the designs have been finalized, we will take these designs and begin making changes to the theme to create your ideal website. Once these changes are made on your website, you and the designer will have two more edits to make any changes.
  • After the content is inserted into your website, you will have one final chance to make sure everything looks great. If there are any issues, ask for those final changes now.
  • Finally, your website is ready to go live.

If on the other hand, you decide to save money and not use one of our designers, the following steps will take place.

  • We will make any font and color changes to ensure they reflect your branding. We will upload your logo and make any changes that we feel are necessary.
  • We will give then give you the opportunity to review your site and request any changes.
  • Once your content is inserted into the new them, you will be given a final chance to make any changes once you have looked over the site.
  • Finally, your site will go live.

Why do I need hosting?

A website no matter how well-appointed will not get any attention if no one can find it. You can think of a web host as the property on which you will build your online presence, it needs the hook ups, the functionality, and the address. This “property” is actually called a server and the service of maintaining the files that make your website what it is is called web hosting.

If you want to set up a website you need to have to host, this is a service we are proud to offer to our clients. We handle all the particulars and technical details of hosting so that you don’t have to worry about this.

If you want more information on hosting and the options we offer, visit the hosting section of our website.


If I Use WordPress, Will My Website Look Like a Cookie-Cutter Website?

Absolutely not! We work hard to create a unique theme that fits your brand. We can make your website look awesome, however, keep in mind that there are inherent rules that need to follow, so within that space, we are free to design

Your website is similar to your body. Your body is held upright by your skeleton, no matter what your age is. WordPress for your website is similar to your skeleton in that it creates the structure of your website. However, WordPress does not determine the final look of your website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which helps you manage your content. It allows you to organize the content of your website. WordPress acts similar to a word processing program like Microsoft Word, which means that you can effortlessly edit all of your content. 


WordPress Questions

How Is a Custom Theme Created?

It all begins with project understanding, we will need to establish the look and feel you are going for. Please provide us with all related marketing materials, this will help us better understand your needs, including what you would like your website to achieve.

We will create two or more home page designs to choose from and will offer you two rounds of edits for your chosen design to ensure you are happy with the final results.

If you want to have a few of your other key pages redesigned, we will help you identify your key pages and proved a unique design for each page. Again, you will receive two rounds of edits where you can request any changes that you feel are necessary.

Once these designs have been finalized, we will create a unique and custom theme for your website. During this phase, you will get an opportunity for two more design changes.

Once everything is agreed upon, your content will be inserted in the new theme and you will be given a final chance to make any changes before your site goes live.

I have heard that WordPress is not secure. Won’t my website get hacked if I use it?

Were you aware of the fact that 26.4% of the entire Web is running on WordPress? These days security is a very hot topic, and WordPress is right in the middle of it due to the fact that is so widely used now. Hackers like to find targets to expend their energy on that will provide them with the most bang for their buck. One of these targets is definitely WordPress. There isn’t one website out on the Web that is 100% secure, however, there are effective things you can do to help reduce your risk of experiencing a security breach – particularly if you use WordPress on your website.

We take website security very seriously and use multiple approaches so that our clients’ risk is significantly reduced.

We inform our clients that they should use strong passwords. That way password-guessing algorithms won’t be able to easily make their way into WordPress’s backend administration on their site. Many people don’t change the “admin” default username and often use passwords like 1234admin. Those are the website that is most vulnerable to being hacked. If all users have strong passwords it will significantly reduce your risk.

To help prevent attacks we install several different security plugins. Our bases are covered on multiple fronts by using more than one. We are also immediately notified if anything suspicious is occurring.

If you choose to host with us, you will have access to the many security features that we have directly implemented on our server. That helps with keeping the bad guys away even before they have a chance to get to your site.

We provide our customers with all updates and backups as part of the overall hosting service. Having outdated WordPress files is like an open invitation for security breaches.

We create backups each week on all the websites running on our server. We all update all WordPress plugins and core files to make sure that any security holes get a patch on an update becomes available.

We have partnered with a security firm that furnishes us with a monitoring service and website firewall. Although this service does cost extra money, many of our clients find it is invaluable to help protect their websites against security breaches. You can rest assured knowing we have spent lots of time ensuring that our server is part of a secure environment and that all WordPress sites that we create are as secure as they possibly can be. If you have any questions, we will be very happy to discuss our security measures with you in detail.

What is a WordPress plugin?

Plugins are resources or tools that can be used for getting a certain job done. None of us are born holding a smartphone in our hand. However, we have discovered that having one can make us more productive. The same thing is true with WordPress and plugins. You can easily install plugins to provide WordPress with some added and special functionality that you don’t get with it directly from the box. For instance, although WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly, it does not come with specialized SEO features that enable you to set descriptions and keywords up for every page. However, you can install an SEO plugin that will add this functionality. A plugin that allows you to add a slider to your website’s homepage is another example. This functionality doesn’t come with WordPress right from the box, so this ability is added by the plugin. Plugins are very useful tools that make it possible for you to customize your website to do whatever it is you want it to. No more and no less. If every imaginable function came with WordPress out of the box, the code would be so heavy and bloated that your website would run very slowly. Using plugins helps to ensure that you only get what you need.

Just like you can put down your smartphone when you don’t need it, you can also uninstall a plugin if it isn’t useful anymore. You can have an unlimited number of plugins on a WordPress site, however, we recommend that you have a maximum of 15. That is because we have found that a website’s speed starts to significantly decrease whenever you use more than 20 plugins, and many times some of those plugins aren’t really being used and can simply be uninstalled rather easily. If you think your website is running too slowly, it may be due to some of the plugins you are using. We will be very happy to check out the plugins you are using to determine which ones might be negative affecting the speed of your website and recommend how to fix this problem


How Do I Purchase and WordPress Theme From a Third Party?

If you decide to save money and purchase a theme, we will talk to you to determine if the theme will work for your brand and content. Here is how we can help you choose the best WordPress theme for your website:

  • We look at your current website and evaluate it. We also ask to see any printed material that you use to help us better understand your business, your website content and your brand.
  • We can help you determine what you are looking for on your new website and the look you want.
  • We offer you 3 to 5 different premium themes and ask you to evaluate each one and tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Then, we will help you determine the best theme to purchase.
  • We will then purchase your chosen theme and install it on a test server.

    The next steps depend on whether you want to spend extra money to have one of our designers make customized changes to your theme or whether you would rather stick to your chosen theme.

WordPress – What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

Your website is similar to your body. Your body is held upright by your skeleton, no matter what your age is. WordPress for your website is similar to your skeleton in that it creates the structure of your website. However, WordPress does not determine the final look of your website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which helps you manage your content. It allows you to organize the content of your website. WordPress acts similar to a word processing program like Microsoft Word, which means that you can effortlessly edit all of your content. Check out this screen shot to see how easily it is to make changes in WordPress using the WP backend administration.

We believe that WordPress is great for most of our clients for the following reasons:

  •  WordPress is open sourced which means that it is free and offers a large pool of talented people who maintain the software’s codes.
  • It is so simple to use that even those with limited computer experience can use it. Once our clients watch our training videos, they will understand how easy it is to use and edit their website content. This gives our customers an edge over those who do not understand the full functionality of WordPress.
  • WordPress is flexible. Flexibility is considered one of the strongest advantages of WordPress. We have been unable to locate a single website that did not work with WordPress. There are thousands of ways you can expand the features of WordPress. This means that we are able to handle anything our clients have asked of us.
  • WordPress can create thousands of different designs, which means each website will be as unique as you are. If you can imagine it, we can do it using WordPress.

    Although there are many other benefits, these are the top benefits that our clients get from a WP website. If you would like more information on how WordPress can help your business, give us a call today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you create an amazing website.

How Does a Purchased Theme Differ from a Custom Theme?

Purchased themes allow you to save money by sacrificing on style. You can compare shopping for themes to shopping for clothing. For example, you can save money on your clothing by purchasing inexpensive clothing; however, it will not last as long or look as good as more exclusive clothing. Themes are the same way.  Custom themes are like tailored clothing that fit you perfectly. Custom themes are created to provide your website with a unique, one of a kind look, specially designed for your business.

There are many free WordPress themes; However, if you want a custom look and are willing to pay for it, then you should definitely spend the money.  No matter which type of theme you decide to use, we will help you with every decision you must make. We will explain how each decision may affect your bottom line and your business. We can purchase a theme and help you apply your information in theme (sounds easy but is not because each theme has its own way of working. The flexibility of WrodPress and the numerous options are just a couple of reasons why we love WordPress.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress site holds and organizes all of your content in an easy to find and edit space. A WordPress them, is similar to your clothes. You get to pick and choose different themes to change how your website looks. These come in different colors and have different design elements that can be customized to give your website a unique, individualized look.

You should not change your website’s theme as often as you change clothes; however, updating your theme every 2 to 3 years will keep your website from appearing outdated. Creating or installing a new WordPress theme will instantly update your website without needing to reorganize your entire website.


General Questions

What is an SSL certificate?

When a website has an SSL certificate it allows it to begin its URL with https rather than http. It is very important to have the “s” added on the end to sure the information being sent from the website user to the server. When you purchase an SSL certificate, you will need to certain information regarding website and company. The certificate lets the website user know that your business is legitimate. It provides the user with confidence that they can give your website their personal information without any shady characters hijacking it.

SSL certificates do expire and need to be renewed. You can buy certificates that are god for one year or multiple years up to a maximum of 5 years. Every time your certificate is renewed, it has t be reinstalled on your servers, and on the certificate it will show the new expiration date. The next time you are at a website where you are buying something or that asks you for your personal information, look to see if the URL starts with https and also for the padlock symbol located next to the URL. If they are not there, then don’t buy anything or give the website any of your personal details.


How do I figure out where a domain name that I already have is registered?

If you already have a domain name but have no idea how to log in where your domain name is registered, there is a fairly easy way to get that information.

The first thing you need to do is visit https://www.whois.net. Next type your domain name in. For example, if you were attempting to find the domain name registrar for our website, you would type thed3.com. After hitting return, there will be information display at the top identifying the registrar. You will notice that Enom is our registrar.

Once you have your registrar company name handy, you can either use whatever Referral URL is listed or Google the registrar’s business name. So for example, go to http://www.enom.com. Then on top of the web site at most registrar company’s, there will be a link called “My Account” or “Login” or something similar. Just click on the link. Next, you can either click on the link that says Forgot Password? or Forgot Login? and you will be given instructions on how that information can be retrieved. If this doesn’t work, then just call the registrar company’s customer service and explain that you have misplaced your login information and tell them what your domain name is. The customer service department will be happy to assist you and provide you with the information you need. After your domain registrar has given you your username and password, keep the information in a safe place so you will be able to retrieve it securely and easily. It is very important to have this information.


What is a mobile-friendly or responsive website?

Were you aware of the fact that mobile phones make up over 50% of website traffic? Also, Google changed its algorithm for SEO rankings in early 2016 so that now mobile-friendly websites are given higher ranks than desktop-only sites. Responsive sites are mobile-friendly sites. There are many different ways for websites to interact and look good on the small screens of tablets and mobile phones. In the past, the only way to do this was to have a totally separate website – one that was for desktop computers and one that was for mobile. However, problems were created by having two websites whenever changes needed to be made since they had to be made in two different places. Users were also frustrated when viewing a site from their mobile device since they were not able to do everything they wanted to on the website using the mobile version.

Using responsive design is the latest trend. It is a fluid way of arranging your website elements out so that no matter how the screen is resized, it adapts to the different proportions dictated by desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones. Content updates do not need to be done on multiple websites since there is only one website that is used for both desktop and mobile.

We develop only responsive websites since no extra work is required to update the content and they are very flexible. They look great at all times on each screen size. 


My website has been hacked! Will you be able to help us?

Yes, definitely? We would like to say we haven’t ever needed to clean a security breach up, but we have had extensive experience with various kinds of breaches We have partnered with a leading security software that help us keep track of the ever-changing threats. We handle all communications with the firm and make sure it is totally cleaned up. The only thing you need to do is contact us to tell us what the nature of your security breach is, and then we will handle things from then on. You can return to what you do best – which is running your business – and once your website is clean (usually in 24-48 hours depending on how serious the infection is) we will let your know. We will also provide you with recommendations on how a future attack can be prevented. It can be quite frustrating to have a hacked website, so just let us handle things for you. 

What is a domain name?

This is similar to using an address to find a local business or someone’s house. You type the address in on your phone, and you will be directed to the exact location you are looking for. The same thing is true with a domain name. This refers to a unique address that will direct a user over to the right website. People would be unable to locate your website without it. For example, for the website thed3.com, the exact URL is http://www.thed3.com. A majority of individuals tend to use the URL and domain name interchangeably, however, the domain name is actually the part the comes after the www. in the URL.

What is a domain name?

This is similar to using an address to find a local business or someone’s house. You type the address in on your phone, and you will be directed to the exact location you are looking for. The same thing is true with a domain name. This refers to a unique address that will direct a user over to the right website. People would be unable to locate your website without it. For example, for the website thed3.com, the exact URL is http://www.thed3.com. A majority of individuals tend to use the URL and domain name interchangeably, however, the domain name is actually the part the comes after the www. in the URL.

There is a pretty good chance that you have a domain name already, but if you don’t, we are very happy to assist you with that. Some individuals choose to register a domain name at Network Solutions or GoDaddy. We provide you with one free domain name for every hosting plan. So if you are planning on getting a hosting account with us, then we will be glad to assist you with choosing a domain name for your website and registering it for you.


My website is running slow. Can you help?

Yes, definitely? There are many different reasons why your website might be running slow. We will conduct a series of tests to attempt to isolate the problem and then recommend how the issue can be fixed. The issue at times is the WordPress theme. If that is the case, then you might need to get a new design. However, too many plugins are often the culprit. By just uninstalling a couple of plugins, you can often significantly improve the problem.

Another reason why your website might be slow is its hosting environment. Maybe your current host isn’t a good fit for how many visitors are coming to your website or the number of videos or photos you have installed on your site. If this is the case, we will be very happy to get your website copied over to our server and perform some speed tests. That way you will be able to see whether your website speed will improve by moving your site to our server.

Some clients also have unrealistic expectations regarding how fast their website should be loading. You might notice that sites such as Amazon tend to load nearly instantly. That is due to the fact that they have a very big budget and are able to spend lots of money on hosting to ensure that their website loads very fast. However, unless you have Amazon’s budget, your site isn’t going to load that quickly. We will be very happy to take a look at your site and tell you about any things you can do to improve the speed of your site.

Can I get an email address to go with my domain name?

Yes – all of the hosting packages that we offer come with free unlimited email addresses. Our servers are used by most of our clients for processing email, although some process their email using Microsoft Outlook, Google apps or some other method. So how can you determine whether you should process your emails using our server or pay for Google apps or another service? If you really need to have each email get to where it needs to go each time without them getting caught up in the spam filters, then it is probably a good idea to use a more reliable service like Microsoft Outlook or Google apps. Microsoft and Google servers are well-known all over the world, and the email those come from those servers have higher priority compared to the email that comes from our servers. That means that it is less likely that the email coming from Microsoft or Google will get lost somewhere in cyberspace or marked as spam. You also need to consider how annoying it is to you when you have spam getting in your inbox. Although our spam filtering is good, Google’s is superior, which ensures that your inbox isn’t flooded with unwanted email on a daily basis. Some clients are also very familiar with using Outlook or Google’s webmail client and would prefer to not have to learn a new system. If you are not bothered by these issues and would rather have the free email that we offer as part of your hosting instead of having to pay for a premium service like Microsoft Outlook or Google apps, then we would be very glad to help you with getting your email addresses set up.

Orange Snowman is not responsible for setting up Outlook or Gmail accounts in any of our client’s devices such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Orange Snowman is not responsible for emails or plugins that are hacked by malicious individuals, we have security in place but we can’t guarantee this will never happen. We are not responsible for the effects such attack may cause such as an email account or a site being blacklisted. We can’t guarantee that once this happens your emails will not be sent to the spam box of Gmail. We guarantee delivery of emails to our webmail, what happens afterward is outside of our power. Nevertheless, Orange Snowman will help you in clearing these problems with the clear understanding that these efforts are voluntary and not because we are responsible for the problem.


Do I need have an SSL certificate for my website?

If I do, how do I obtain one?

There are various opinions on whether all websites need to have an SSL certificate no matter what kind of content is contained on a website. Some individuals advocate that you only use an SSL certificate on those areas of your website where credit card or personal information is processed, like an online store. However, others state that website should always have SSL certificates for each part of the site whether or not it is an online store. If you own an online store or are processing personal information or taking donations from users on your website then we do recommend that you get an SSL certificate. If these situations don’t apply to you, then you probably can skip having an SSL certificate. Please contact us if you are unsure and we will be very happy to discuss this with you.