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About The City of Fort Pierce

The city of Fort Pierce is located in St. Lucie County, Florida. The city is often referred to as the sister city of San Francisco and the Sunrise City. In 2010, the population of Fort Pierce was 41,590.

In 2012, the city’s population was recorded as 42,645. Fort Pierce is named after Fort Pierce, an army installation that was built in the area during the Second Seminole War. The war took place in 1838, and since then the population has slowly increased.

The city has been the recipient of a number of awards. One award was the City of Excellence Award. Another award the city received was the Great American Main Street Award. The National Trust for Historic Preservation gave the city the Great American Main Street Award.

The Fort Pierce Beach Shore project includes a little more than 1.2 miles of shoreline, which starts a bit south of the city’s inlet to Surfside Park. Due to the federal navigation project at the inlet, the project is on a re-nourishment cycle. As for how long the cycle is, it’s for two years, but that is a lot shorter compared to other projects along Florida’s coastlines.

The Oculina Banks is preserved by the Experimental Oculina Reserve Reserve, and the banks is located just off of Fort Pierce’s coast. The Oculina Habitat Area is what 92-square-nautical-miles of the reefs was designated as. The designation was given to the portion back in 1984.

However, the area was closed to bottom fishing in 1994 and eventually the portion was re-designated. It became a research reserve. In 200, the area expanded to over 200-square-nautical miles. Today, Fort Pierce is known for its population of manatee, which are found in abundance in the area.

Fort Pierce is known for it’s subtropical climate, but it does border a tropical savanna climate. In the summer, temperatures typically range between 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, temperatures are between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperatures can sometimes drop below 40 degrees, but it is rare for temperatures to go below freezing.