Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the best ways to promote your local business. This service targets local customers who are currently searching for the products or services you offer. If you are not gaining clients someone else is, call Orange Snowman for a friendly, pressure-free conversation.

> best return on investment
> timely target your potential clients
> take advantage over your competitors
> more people are using local search
> locals read reviews
> local search is replacing directory books

Sources: searchengineland.com & business2community.com

6 Reasons to Grow your business with local SEO

Own a local business? From attorneys and accountants to coffee shops and restaurants, all local shops can drastically increase their bottom line.   Local SEO is here to stay and getting stronger every day. This is the time for your business to take advantage of this the most important local marketing tool. There were 8 free spots conceded by Google now there are only 3 available. A position in the Google 3-pack can get you a stream of constant clients. Don't miss miss out on a great opportunity to connect with more customers!

1. Best return on investment

When you are using the local SEO you will notice that you are not wasting your exposure you get like you would with a newspaper. When you are using local SEO you are going to be able to reach out to customers when they have their problems, instead of after or before they need your help. The lack of waste and the reach of the customers makes this type of SEO effective.

When you are listed in Yelp, Foursquare and other places you will notice they are going to display the contact information for your business, but what is even better these sites tend to be first in the Google results. When you are looking at the smaller directories like Yelp, you will notice they have a tendency to convert at quite a higher rate. Since these convert as such a high rate for these directories it is invaluable to make sure your information is correct in the listings.

2. Target Just-in-time local customers

When you are performing the local search engine optimization you will notice the target market is very well targeted. When you are doing a local search it is generally to find a specific business. However, what is important and invaluable for people is to find a service or a specific product that is available locally. Typically a search will be based off of a specific business name, but sometimes they will not have a business name when they are looking for the solution to the problem. When you use the tactics that are specific to ranking your business locally it will be very easy for you to improve your rankings and customer base. Remember the key is to make sure you connect with your customers when they need you, not when they do not need you.

3. What is shocking is just 6 out of 10 businesses have claimed their Google business listing.  

This is a listing in Google My Business that is free for almost all of the businesses you can have. This is going to help you have a higher chance of showing up in the search results. What else is shocking is the fact that a lot of businesses have not started to see how valuable online marketing is for the business. This allows you to get a jump start on all of your competitors and get the rankings you need faster than other people. Make sure you get on board before it becomes a major issue. What is even better is since the businesses still have not found out about this fact, the listings that people have is free. What all of this adds up to is free marketing and advertising for you. 

4. Local mobile search is exploding

    > 96% of PC owners conduct local searches
    > 46% of all Google searches are local
    > 64% of local customers use search engines and directories
    > 50% of local mobile searchers look for a company’s address or phone number
    > A whopping 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline sales

This is going to make it easier for you to see that more people are searching for businesses while they are on the go. For now, the digital media is being outranked on mobile devices in the U.S. by 9%. The local SEO is going to make it easier for you to get access and reach to the mobile and PC using customers. 

5. Business reviews tend to be trusted

What is the major driving factor for a lot of businesses is word-of-mouth. To increase your reputation ask for your customers to leave reviews that are going to be positive in nature. If you get falsely accused respond as soon as possible, don't let people black mail your. We can monitor people's reviews and be vigilant of negative reviews. 

6. Local customers rely on the internet

With the Internet people are relying on it more than anything else to get information. If the business is not found on the Internet under local results it is going to lose a lot of customers. So you should make sure you implement a lot of strategies in your local SEO work. Print media is definitely on the decline as only 2 out of 10 adults get the news that way anymore. What is even worse is not as many people are reading the newspapers. In some cases the local newspapers have seen the decline of almost 80% of the readers. Why is this happening? That is because more people are starting to go to the Internet for the news and information they need to get. Source: http://www.poynter.org/2016/newspaper-declines-accelerate-latest-pew-research-finds-other-sectors-healthier/416657/

How we go about doing our local SEO work?

Want to know what to expect, take a look at our local SEO e-book, it is the guide we use to promote you locally.

Grow your business with local SEO

These trends are going to only get stronger as more people continue to use mobile media to search for products and services over the Internet. Take advantage of the local search engine optimization before the competition catches on. Let's  get started today!