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Own a local business? Don't miss miss out on a great opportunity to connect with more customers through the use of Local SEO Services. With a correctly executed Local SEO campaign your business will appear high in the local Google map listings. Local SEO is what The Yellow Pages use to be. People do not go to the Yellow Pages anymore when they are looking for a company or service, they instead turn to the Internet and its local search engine results.

If your local business has a physical location, you need to be on the first page of Google local business results. How do you get to the top? To start, Orange Snowman needs to make you an optimized  Google+ Page. Then we need to convince Google your name should take one of the top spots.

Local SEO: your marketing message across 65+ Local Directories

If you are not in the top 3 spots you are loosing money!

The question is, how does Google determine who to award these top local seo positions to? Google looks for references to you name in other local directories to verify that you are who you say you are, these references are called citations. If you name is listed with different telephone numbers, with different, addresses and inconsistent information your trust level with Google goes down and as a result it denies you access to the few Google Map spots available. We can scan the top directories to verify the accuracy of your listing, reclaim directories and update them to your new up to date address, tel number and all relevant information.

PowerListings are preferential accounts, here are some highlights:

Local SEO Optimization can bring more people through your door

One of the most common places people will look for a local product or service on the Internet is through Google Places, Bing Business Portal and Yahoo Local. These directories provide pre-qualified leads to many local business who could not survive without them. Now ask yourself is your business even listed in these? If your answer is no you have much potential to gain from local SEO.

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