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If the pages on your site have not been individually optimized for the search engines you are loosing clients. You see, each page has the potential to target key search terms that people use to find you. On-page optimization is a highly technical effort that requires great attention to detail and know-how. If the page title is not well-written, visitors won’t be enticed to click through to a site, so ranking well won’t generate much traffic. Title pages should reflect the content of the page; Be unique for each page on a site, not duplicated; Include targeted keyword phrases. The first words in the page title get more importance than the later words. Leave the company name out of the page title, especially on interior pages, since it is a keyword one will always rank high for anyway

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How do search engines see your website's pages?

Can search engines read what your pages say? Search engines can't read, but they can get an idea of what your page is about by measuring keyword density, hierarchy of information and dozens of other criteria. Take a look at the following "word clouds" they attempt to represent one of the pages we are currently promoting.

The Best Way to Optimize Your WordPress Website for SEO

Our SEO optimization technology allows us to to have maximum control over how search engines interpret the pages of your website. Our SEO intelligent software can control all the integral aspects of on-page optimization all in one easy to understand place. By using this technology not only will you optimize your site, but the software will provide you with hints about which direction to take in order to obtain maximum results. Now you can tell weather your site has been optimized properly or not, the software guides us and makes sure we follow the rules to a successfully optimized website. We are a company that is accountable and transparent about the work they do.

Website Optimization based on Emulating Google's Algorithm

Optimize up to 3 Keywords

If the pages in a website concentrate on a specific subject, the pages will rank much better on the search engines. This "thematic signal" magnifies the visibility of your web site.

Get Optimization SEO Suggestions

SEO can get complicated with so many variables, sometimes it is hard to determine where to begin. Our software provides a way to systematically address these SEO variables one-by-one so we that always know what has been done and what needs to happen next.

LSI Keywords & SemantiQ 

Measures your website’s semantic quality with its built in semantic analytic called SemantiQ™ Engine. Through calculating and measuring your website’s data, it is able to suggest how to strengthen your contextual signal for precise search engine interpretation.

Maximize Machine Readability

Defining the markup of your website clearly will enable search engines to categorize your website accurately. With better categorization, your website will be able to achieve better search ranking in the age of Internet of Things (IoT).

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