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Palm City Florida

Palm City FL – A Brief History

Palm City is a well known city in Florida today, which makes many people surprised to learn that this wasn’t always the case or even an inevitability. In fact, the history of this area is barely over 100 years old now!

The local history starts back in 1912, when the Palm Beach County Land Company, a company run by Charles C. Chillingworth, bought a large amount of land and advertised throughout many countries and even other continent like Europe pitching the area as a potential farmer’s paradise that could produce grapefruit, pineapples, and oranges. Chillingworth was a major marketer, even providing transportation and guided tours through the potential land to encourage buying of 10 acre tracts as well a a free town lot in what would be Palm City.

Although a humble beginning, this would help lead to the modern Palm Beach County as well as Palm City Florida. Although the town has grown and thrived, it has done so as a sister city to the town of Stuart across the river, which has always been closely connected with the growing Palm City from the very beginning.

Stuart was an inexpensive train ticket ride away in the beginning, and has grown along side of Palm City ever since. In Stuart you find a lot of the culture many residents and visitors enjoy like the Lyric Theater, a wonderful historic downtown, and more. There are many cultural events, festivals, shows, and more. This offers a lot of great experiences just a stone’s throw across the river and relatively close by (by modern standards at least) is the Kravis Center down around West Palm Beach which also features many stores and cultural events that further add to the full array of public events that everyone can enjoy.

Hard to imagine that the lively town of today started as such a long shot not that long ago.