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Website Design Showcase: St. Lucie FL DUI Attorney Lawyer

Don’t drink and drive, but if you ever need to defend yourself from such a serious accusation, remember Jeff Gorman St. Lucie County DUI Attorney. This website presents it’s readers with vast and valuable information about:

This site also answers some of the most common questions related to driving under the influence. Some of these questions include:
  • What is DUI?
  • Is there anyway to avoid a DUI?
  • Can I still be in trouble for driving, even if my BAC is below the legal limit?
The message is clear, a DUI is a nightmare capable of destroying your capacity to make a living; it could destroy your financial  life as well as your personal one; you could even end up in jail.
The site is easy to navigate and understand. There is a call to action in the upper right hand corner; middle left corner and at the bottom of each page or article. The contact form is easy to find and an interactive map is included at it’s bottom. The website consists of 29 pages and 9 posts. All of them have an optimized title, description and keywords. The site has been registered with Google and a sitemap has been created to make the site easy to index by the search engines. If you find the information interesting feel free to use the share-this plugin. This plugin is located at the bottom of each article; click the f and share a page or post to facebook, the bird icon shares the story to twitter, the envelop through email and finally the green arrow gives you a multitude of social media options.
Orange Snowman is committed to get Jeff’s site to the top of the search engines. We will be monitoring this site’s progress and I’m looking forward to the day when I will update this post with the latest search engine results.