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The Everyman

We Are All Equal!

This archetype displays the virtues of being an ordinary and regular person part of a fun group. The Everyman might also be known as the solid citizen who lives next door, the common man, regular gal/guy, regular Joe, or good old boy. Will Smith in the movie The Pursuit to Happiness well represents this archetype. Everyman, wears regular clothes (even when they are rich) and are put off by any form of elitism. The core desire of the Everyman is connecting with other people, and just wanting to belong. They are afraid of being rejected or standing out. The Everyman archetype in branding is best used for:

  • Family Auto
  • Everyday Apparel
  • Home / Family

Brands that appeal to humble people who are striving for a bit more beyond the simple life. In order to appeal to Everyman, you must give them a sense of belonging. Use down-to-earth communication where no one is excluded, and be friendly.

The Everyman archetype is used by such famous brands as:

  • Wendy’s
  • Target
  • IKEA

Regular gal and guy brands usually have a no-nonsense, down-home quality which makes them appear to be genuine. Usually, these brands are affordably priced and fill a basic need. They frequently fill a void within the market and for most industries tend to be low-cost or entry-level.

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