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The Lover

I Only Have Eyes for You

This archetype values being in surroundings they love, their experiences, and the relationships they have with people. Lovers can also be known as harmonizers, team builders, spouses, sensualists, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, matchmakers, intimates, friends, and partners. Filmmakers often use the lover archetype with Marilyn Monroe personifying the lover in the movie Some Like It Hot. When it comes to love, it pertains to all kinds of human love, including romantic love, spiritual love, parental love, and friendship. The core desire of the Lover is experiencing sensual pleasure and attaining intimacy. They are afraid of being unloved, unwanted, a wallflower, or being alone.

The Lover archetype in branding is best used for:

  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetics

Brands that implicitly promise sexual appeal and beauty are Lover brands. The Lover archetype is used by such famous brands as:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Chanel

The most obvious one here is Victoria’s Secret. Since it is a lingerie brand its messaging is full of sensuality, particularly when it comes to imagery.

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