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UX Persona Vanishing Becky

Ux character Vanishing Becky

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Dear Federico:

I am super excited about our design project, you got the approval to execute your ideas and a here is your deposit… For the next few months, I will not follow up with you and
will not answer your emails, calls or text messages. It appears that I am going through some personal issue, I can’t talk to you about it, hope you understand.

-Vanishing Becky

Dear Becky:

It may be that you have a lot on your plate; It might be that you have family problems keeping you away from work; It might be that you are disorganized; Or it might be that you have abandoned the project. I sincerely hope that you triumph over any challenge you may be facing. However, as a matter of company policy, the best thing we can do for you is to keep your website live for a month, afterwards we will turn it off and store it until you contact us back (our agreement clearly defines your obligations as a client). For any project to work, our client must be responsive.

Our ideal customer is responsive

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