UX Stands for user experience

Why our efforts need to be aligned?

Why do we embrace human experience as the future of design? For us to grow as a company we need to make more clients succeed.

An Empathy Map can helps understand how our customers are feeling and thinking

Typically, research notes are categorized based on what the research interviewees were thinking, feeling, doing, seeing, and hearing as they engaged with your product. It helps your team zoom out from focusing on behaviors to consider the users’ emotions and experience as well.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care- Teddy Roosevelt

Defining a persona will help us support the design around a single customer experience. A design persona is a valid and valuable tool to leverage customer insight into creating an engaging customer experience. A design persona shares detailed information about customer behavior relevant to the designer’s work. Design personas can be made even more valuable by locating the relevant customer behaviors in the context of underlying motivations.

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