1. Color-coordinated optimized images

One easy way to increase how visually appealing your site and pages are is to make use of high-quality photographs. For online retailers, using high-quality product photos is very important.

2. Website functionality

Each component that is part of your website should work correctly and quickly. Poorly constructed or broken components will cause your visitors to be disillusioned and frustrated with your company. Everything across the board should work like it is expected to, including event registration, site search, contact forms, and hyperlinks.

3. Easy to read

Text that is easy to read: The combination that is most easy to read is a white background with black text. However, there are other acceptable color combinations as long as the contrast is appropriate. You should use easy to read fonts and ones that can be found on a majority of current computer systems. For paragraph text, keep your font size in between 10 pts and 12 pts.

4. Engaging content

Keep things simple: Make sure there is plenty of white space on your web pages. If your layout is clutter-free, your visitors will be able to focus better on your message. Make sure that you don’t overload your website with a lot of animation, complicated design features or any other effects that are merely for impressing visitors.
In addition to style, your website needs to have substance as well. Keep in mind that your visitors are searching for information to help make their decision. Therefore, you should provide them with relevant and informative content. This is your chance to increase the confidence your visitor has in your company’s competence and knowledge.

5. Meaningful graphics

The graphics that you use play an important role. They provide appeal and visual variety to a page that would otherwise just be filled with boring text. However, it’s also important to not over-use them. Be sure that the ones you use to add context or meaning to the written content. Make sure you don’t add more than 3 to 4 images to a page. Otherwise, you will overload it.

6. Website clarity

Make sure that topics are clearly labeled and break up your text into short paragraphs. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with text that is visually overwhelming. You have less than 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. So be compelling, concise and clear. Update your content on a regular basis. Nobody wants to read the same stuff over and over. Static or dead content won’t encourage visitors to return to your website. Speak directly to your visitors. The word “you” should be used as much as you possibly can. Minimize using us, we and I.