Why do we use this 7-phase website design process?

We have learned from experience that following the process makes sure we get it done right the first time. We ask you the right questions up-front, so we can build the site you want.

1. Gather content

This is our information gathering phase. We ask you in-depth questions about your website’s purpose and about your target audience. We want to know what your goals are, and who your customers are.

2. Optimize content

It is all about the content. The previous phases were in preparation to give your content the most impact possible. In this phase, we work on the writing, photography, and videos to use on your website. We make sure all of the content is optimized for search engines, but more importantly, we make sure it is optimized for your visitors. We want them to take the actions you want.

3. Mobile ready

Time to get mobile. We did not ignore phones and tablets in our previous steps, but we need to make sure your site is 100% mobile perfect. It needs to be fast on phones and easy to use. We will test your website on a variety of mobile devices to make sure the menus perform flawlessly, that pages load fast and that everything is easy to read. We even make sure your visitors only have to click your phone number to call you.

4. Design a sitemap

We start getting into the planning phase for your site at this stage. We will talk about all the pages you want to include and design a site map to help all of us stay on track.

5. Wire-frame sketches

Let’s get visual. We create a wire-frame design to show you some concepts for your website. This is the phase where we dig into site usability, too. We want to make sure the site is designed for the best possible user experience and is easy to navigate.

6. Theme design process

In this step, we take everything from the first 4 phases and start coding. We create the WordPress theme, and the databases necessary to make sure your website is fast, functional and easy to use.

7. Testing & training

We are not going to turn your site loose on the world until we know it works flawlessly. While we can never guarantee we won’t miss a mistake, we try to catch them all before turning it over to you. We make sure you know how your website works, too. Did we include a blog for you? Then we make sure you know how to post on it. Does it include a shopping cart and inventory system? We will make sure you know how to add and remove products, change prices and do all of your daily tasks.