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A responsive website can make a great first impression​

Keep in mind how much exposure your website will be getting

Make sure you double-check all of your figures and facts. You never know who might quote you in the future. You don’t want to remember for or associated with misspellings, incorrect punctuation, poor grammar or typos. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes are just as bad found on your website as in your company marketing materials. Usability tests have shown that having long link text does make it a lot easier for site visitors to get around a site. Search Engines also favor descriptive and long link texts. Backlinks are also very important to provide users with a good sense of direction so that they don’t feel lost. If necessary, use breadcrumbs and a sitemap. Different browsers frequently have their own rules when it comes to displaying content. You should, at the minimum, test your website using the most recent versions of Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The screen resolution for computer monitors keeps increasing, so be sure that whatever looks good at that setting also works well with other devices and other resolutions.

Is your responsive website user-friendly?

A crucial, but the frequently overlooked aspect of any successful website is how user-friendly it is. Your site needs to be easy to understand, navigate and read. Attractive design, good organization, and valuable content are the best ways to keep your visitors on your site. Make sure your website is well organized and simple. Pages should take less than 20 seconds to load via dial-up. If it takes longer than that, you will lose over half of your prospective visitors. Another very important aspect of usability is the site layout. A consistent layout should be used that repeats certain elements through the entire site. Your menu items should be placed on the top of the website, or on either side above the fold. You should have 10 or fewer menu items. Keep in mind, your visitors tend to be in a hurry. You don’t want them to have to hunt around for the information they are looking for.

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