At Orange Snowman, we transform straight-forward information into powerful, engaging, meaningful, noticeable messages.

Design is intelligence having fun!

Federico Sandoval, Director

Orange Snowman, my lifelong dream, has been a Florida small business for 15+ years. OS is driven by a vision that comes deep within my core values. I believe customers, more than anything else, are looking for a delightful interaction. Is your product or service providing your customer with the empathy and support they deserve? In my personal and business life I strive for the same thing: to create memorable experiences, I just happen to build websites. Want to buy one?

Design Agency Background

I have successfully presented my marketing ideas to executive directors of billion dollar companies.

  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Grand
  • Royal Caribbean

I have taught computer design in various colleges and universities as an adjunct professor.

  • Rutgers University
  • Miami Ad School
  • International Fine Arts College
  • Palm Beach Community College
  • Indian River College (lecturer)
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  • B.A. form Rutgers University, N.J. 1985, in Graphic Design & Sculpture
  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Worked for design agencies in New York City, 5+ years
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  • Proud to be a first generation immigrant, born in Guatemala July 1963
  • Proud to be an American Citizen since 1982
  • Living in Florida since 1994
  • Got a wife, 2 kids in college and a dog ( I love my dog)
  • World traveler
  • Eating right is a sign of self respect
  • Lifestyle designer