Federico sandoval

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3/2001-7/2022 Creative Director

An award-winning creative design art director whose mission is to transform information into messages that engage, connect and convert

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Design 98%
strategy 96%
Technology 93%


Website Design UX/UI WordPress Elementor Expert designing responsive, mobile-friendly websites. Additional customization includes, on-page optimization, shopping cart, qr codes and social media integration. Additional services include name Registration and green web hosting.

AI Assistance 6

AI Aided Video Publishing

AI aided video publishing utilizing multi-language and ethnic avatars. Designing customer interactions or face-to-face.

Can Internet Marketing Help Your Business Grow? 5

Create and sell custom products online. Transform ideas into premium products that leave lasting impressions. Premium products that one can customize and sell. Printed and shipped on demand, under one’s brand.

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    Mission Statement Exercise

    Define one’s ideal customer, describe the type of organization one represents, the voice in which it wants to be heard by others, feelings that are evoked, and what tangible impact is provided. Exercises include:

    • Desired qualities 
    • Value proposition 
    • Target audience 
    • Pain points 
    • Marketing angle

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    Local SEO

    Optimize all your marketing efforts to reach more of your target audience. Service may incluede on-page website and Google My Business optimization, and keyword Analysis 

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    • On-page optimization
    • Google My Business
    • SEO Software
    • Performance tracking
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Directory Marketing
    • Name Optimization

    May be an image of book and text that says 'E EMPERORS THE GUIDE'

    Visual communication including Logos Design, Corporate identity, E-books, Illustrations, Brochures, Folders, Stationery, and Presentations 

    Commercial Photography Services 1

    Photography & Video Editing

    Have created a fishing lures catalog, Travel photography, Color balancing

    AI-assisted articles, take photos, e-books, slideshows, illustrations, photo retouching, videos, photons, and more. 

    Can Internet Marketing Help Your Business Grow? 4

    Manage your profile, connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and post content, photos, links, and videos to all.

    Managed Web Hosting Service

    Eco-friendly web hosting powered by wind energy, tailored for WordPress & Elementor.

    Can Internet Marketing Help Your Business Grow? 6

    Sell anywhere, to anyone across the internet and around the world. Control everything from one’s smartphone. Incorporate marketing tools like Mailchimp, plus Google and Facebook advertising to grow your business fast. 

    UX/UI designer planning the layout, the visual elements and the way they interact with the user.

    1 1

    Case Study The Monalisa Tee

    This tee celebrates a trip to see the most famous painting created by renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci. Attaching a memory to this wearable will make it indispensable to the participants, as they can interact and attach messages and pictures to the experience. This interactive t-shirt, illustrates the synergy between the technologies in use, and the ability to tell the story of your brand.

    1999-2005 Marketing Manager

    website design 89%

    Colombian Emeralds International

    Ft Lauderdale


    Marketing Manager

    Colombian Emeralds - Plaza La Isla

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    Revamped work strategies and processes to accomplish agency objectives. Established procedures and quality standards for the department. Designed and produced websites and corporate identities for internet and brick-and-mortar businesses. Created marketing strategies in order to develop early-stage e-business ideas to life. 

      7/1999-3/2001 Creative Director

      website design 89%

      E-man Marketing, Miami


      About Us 36

      • Designed and produced websites and corporate identities for internet and brick-and-mortar businesses. Created a complete range of marketing strategies with the goal of developing early-stage e-business ideas to life. 

      1990-1998 Art Director

      print production 93%
      Publishing 95%
      art direction 97%
      • Art Director over 20+ publications, including magazines, digest-size, and multiple coffee table books.
      • Print broker with pre-press knowledge. Worked closely with editors, writers, advertisers, and corporate executives.
      • Optimized the workflow of the art department and transformed it into a production powerhouse.

      IFAC– International Fine Arts College, Miami

      • Thought design programs to over 600 students, subjects included Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress

      PCA-Physicians Corporation of America, Miami

      • Contributed to the creation of a corporate in-house advertising agency. Involved in the design of annual reports, booklets, direct mail campaigns, and other collateral branding materials.

      Onboard Media

      About Us 37

      Performed market segmentation, targeting, and positioning for each product line. Developed result-oriented enhanced initiatives in strategic collaboration with customer service, merchandising, and developers. 

      Designed monthly print & web promotions. Collaborated in the development of shopping spree contests designed to increase sales and a better definition of the ideal customer´s profile. Presented sales results, customer profiles, and purchasing patterns.

      About Us 38


      6/1990-11/1995 Graphic Designer

      print production 93%
      Publishing 95%
      art direction 97%

      Onboard Media
      South Beach

      Optimized the workflow of the publishing Art Department. Design and produce over 25 magazines and hardcover coffee-table books for the cruise line and casino industry. From sketching thumbnail concept sketches to client contact and on-press checks. Clients included billion-dollar properties such as: 

      • Caesars Palace 
      • MGM Grand 
      • The Desert Inn 
      • NYNY Hotel & Casino 
      • The Venetian 
      • Rio Hotel & Casino 
      • Royal Caribbean 
      • Celebrity Cruises 
      • Costa Cruises

      6/1990-11/1995 Graphic Designer

      • NYC agency experience
      • Norht-Eastern Education
      • Bilingual
      corporate training 87%
      Producer 89%
      Educator 91%
      Entrepreneurship 83%

      NYC Metropolitan Area


      Pentagram & WPP Group

      Two of the top 10 largest design agencies in the world, with names such as  Woody Pirtle, Paula Scher. and Kenn Walker. Both Pentagram & WPP are multidisciplinary design firms.

      About Us 39

      Collaborated with architects, interior designers, and industrial designers in the creation of retail architecture, sign systems, visual merchandising, and corporate identity programs.  Assisted some top NYC designers from the 80s, in putting together client presentations, generating sketches, and coordinating internal projects.

      clients included:


      About Us 40





      • Rutgers University graphic design & Sculpture graduate, trained in the 80s by some top New York City designers (Frank D’Astolfo)
      • First adjunct professor to teach desktop at Rutgers Newark.
      • Freelancer, designed and produced logos, brochures, catalogs, stationery, gift wrap designs, annual reports, slide presentations, postcards video covers, and newspaper ads.
      • AIGA Member
      • Christmas card design sold to The MOMA Store
      • Art Director for Orthopedic Product News

        Associate Professor

        The first desktop publishing teacher at Rutgers University. Taught design fundamentals and early desktop publishing software.

        Graphic Design


        About Us 39
        is the largest independent design consultancy in the world with partners such as Woody Pirtle and Paula Scher.

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        Lecturer & Honors

        • Sold Christmas card design to the MOMA Store
        • Miami Ad School
        • Aspira– Inspired young underprivileged kids to reach for their dreams. The association promotes the empowerment of the Hispanic community by developing and nurturing leadership (I myself am an Aspirante).
        • Advertising Federation of America- Treasure Coast Chapter
        • Palm Beach Community College
        • Indian River State College
        • Addy Awards
        • International Fine Arts College
        • WordCamp Miami Speaker- an international conference that focuses on everything 
        • Rupert J. Smith Law Library, CLE Lecturer
        • In collaboration with the Q’ero Incas

          INFJ personality

          • Reflective- take time to think things through
          • Dedicated- pursue vision with determination
          • Thoughtful- is attentive to people’s needs
          • Creative- find new ideas and ways to improve things
          • Conflict averse- values harmony
          • Perfectionist- idealistic nature
          • Tenacity
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