FEDERICO SANDOVAL Creative Art Director

Federico’s adaptability allows him to navigate through various challenges and environments effectively. He possesses strong problem-solving capabilities and demonstrates sound decision-making skills. Additionally, his strategic thinking ensures an out-of-the-box approach to problem solving. It’s worth noting that Federico is fluent in both English and Spanish, as well as in a PC and Apple environment, further enhancing his ability to communicate effectively in diverse settings.

Alignment of our minds

Working with people who share our values means that we have a commitment to similar goals, principles, and beliefs. This allows shareholders the ability to create a strong sense of collaboration, which leads to harmonious relationships, a more fulfilling work experience and better outcomes. On the other hand, working with people who only need our services, but do not share our values, can result in a misalignment of goals and priorities conflicts and dissatisfaction. My mission is to ensure that we clearly establish the definition of “success” in order to establish a plan of action that is focused and targeted



Through the roles in this timeline, I have gained valuable experience in strategic planning, campaign development and execution, project management, and team leadership. I have also developed strong communication skills and the ability to tailor my communication style to different audiences. Together, these experiences have shaped me into a well-balanced professional, uniquely qualified for a senior creative position.


The success of a project cannot be guaranteed by technology or individual talent alone. It’s crucial for stakeholders to align their minds on each team member’s roles and expectations. Without clear communication, delays and a final product that doesn’t meet expectations can occur. I look forward to co-creating a delightful and memorable experience we can all be proud of!

Visual Communications



I am very excited to be going through this digital renaissance. I possess the necessary skills for this era, including visual communication, technology, strategy, and soft skills. It’s exhilarating to be able to combine these skills to create compelling digital experiences that connect with people in meaningful ways.