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At Orange Snowman, we transform straight forward information into powerful memorable messages. We are confident that once your online marketing needs are understood, we can prescribe the proper solution in order to present your message clearly to those seeking your products or services. Great design thinking and a measurable cost-effective internet marketing presence is our recipe to your business success.

Company Policy

  • We are careful with our words
  • Once we understand your marketing needs we prescribe a solution in writing
  • We don’t assume
  • Before we begin work we disclose as much as we can about what is expected of us and what we expect of you
  • We try not to take it personally
  • We do our best
  • No regrets, no fear, we do our best, we tell you the truth, let the chips fall where they may
  • We keep an open mind

Federico Sandoval, Director

I have worked for some of the top design firms in the world. 

I have successfully presented my marketing ideas to executive directors of billion dollar companies.

  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Grand
  • Royal Caribbean

I have taught computer design in various colleges and universities as an adjunct professor.

  • Rutgers University (former Ivy League School, top 100 universities)
  • Miami Ad School
  • International Fine Arts College
  • Palm Beach Community College
  • Indian River College (visiting lecturer)
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  • B.A. form Rutgers University in 1985, in Graphic Design & Sculpture
  • Receive an Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Lived in Bayonne and North Bergen, NJ
  • Worked in Manhattan for 5 years
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  • Proud to be a first generation immigrant, born in Guatemala July 1963
  • Proud to be an American Citizen since 1982
  • Living in Florida since 1994
  • Got a wife, 2 kids in college and a dog (boy do I love my dog)
  • World traveler
  • Eating right is a sign of self respect
  • Lifestyle designer