Manage your booking calendar, services, and client base in one place. Easily choose a service and set the date and time for the appointment in a few clicks. Suitable for:

  • Repair services
  • Spa salons
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Law consultancy
  • Fitness
  • Dental services

Keep your customers updated about their appointments with SMS messaging. SMS appointment reminder service lets you send automated text messages to your customers and staff members about bookings. With this flexible appointment scheduling and reminder software, you can inform your customers and employees about approved and pending bookings, provide website login details, avoid no-shows by sending reminder texts, and more. 

How much time can be saved if you had a scheduling system in place?

90 seconds per booking (if the client is brief) But what about the interruption to your flow? How long does it take you to get back on track? And what if clients want to make bookings in the evening or on weekends?

Customer Experience

1. Select Category

The Customer chooses the category, this tells the system what services should be displayed. Notice that you can 

2. Choose a Time

The Customer chooses from the available time slots

3. Details

A great way to review your inormation

4. Payment Options

The Customer chooses from the available time slots. 

5. Done!

The Customer chooses from the available time slots. 


Your booking software should be able to grow with you and provide a specific answer to your workflow. These are a few of the add-ons available.

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If you want more efficiency in what you do, then this is the solution for you! Contact us for a friendly, pressure-free conversation.