A brand positioning statement is essential in the creation of a brand. This document should explain what you stand for, who are your target customers, how do you want to be perceived and what is the effect you want to have on others.

Think of the brand positioning statement as a guide, a compass that will guide all of your marketing efforts. What is the type of company you aspire to build? Orange Snowman can help you discover insights that will help you understand where you need to go and how to get there. 

When your brand is not well-defined your message gets messy and out of focus. A brand positioning statement is an internal document that ensures the consistency of your content. Think of this document as a brain storming session that will help you focus your intentions and that of the organization you want to create.

At Orange Snowman we have tweaked the typical brand positioning statement and have added our own marketing touch, here are the steps we follow to discover insights about your brand and its intentions:

i. Name: Taking the time to define the best name for your company or project will pay off “big time”, we are often presented with names that make the marketing of a product or service nearly impossible. In the example below we combine words to create a name that is unique and promotes trust; we look for 7 words that reflect the brand’s mission and the services it provides.

This exercise will help us determined our core values, make suggestions as brief as possible 1-3 keyword phrases are best. Once you have filled the 7 slots, apply these words in a statement, try it on for size, refine it until it makes the most sense and resonates with your own values. It is very important that all stakeholders participate in this exercise and that all embrace a set of common values.

ii. Customer: Using our creativity and imagination we describe the qualities we would like our ideal customer to have. 

iii. Culture: Using our wisdom, let us choose 7 words that describe a powerful organization.

iv. Voice:  Speak from the heart, in what voice should your brand speak? Avoid words that have a negative connotation, avoid fear and negativity, be soothing.

v. Feeling: Communicate with others using your emotional intelligence.

vi. Impact: Bring awareness to the tangible, economic, practical impact you want to have in the life of others.

vii. Wow, Factor! Let your spirituality come true, what grand wish do you want to give to the world, don’t be afraid to dream big!