Why You Don’t Get Referrals?

These are some top reason why you are not getting referrals: 1. You do not ask If part of your regular business strategy does not involve asking for referrals, then you are missing out on a crucial component of your business. Individuals are four times more likely to purchase something when a friend refers to

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The Outlaw

Rules are meant to be broken This archetype is enticed by forbidden fruit. They are romantic characters who are prepared to disrupt societies that have succumbed to cynicism, conformity, repression, or tyranny. The Outlaw can definitely be seen in its most positive form in such figures as Zorro or Robin Hood. The core desire of

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The Creator

If It Can Be Created If It Can Be Imagined This archetype is found in all endeavors that draw on the human imagination. They are passionate about self-expression within material forms. The Creator can also be known as the dreamer, writer, musician, inventor, innovator, or artist. The Creator is always wanting to create something original

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The Ruler

Power is The Only Thing This archetype knows that taking control is the best thing to do in order to avoid chaos. The Ruler is a manager, role model, parent, corporate CEO, leader, boss, or anyone who has an authoritative and commanding manner. Don Corleone in the movie the Godfather is the quintessential ruler. The

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The Caregiver

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself  This archetype has a selfless personality and is motivated by their desire to care for and protect others. The Caregiver might also be known as the supporter, helper, parent, saint, altruist, or caretaker. They take people under their wing who are in need until they are stronger and can care

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The Everyman

All People Are Created Equal This archetype displays the virtues of being an ordinary and regular person part of a fun group. The Everyman might also be known as the solid citizen who lives next door, the common man, regular gal/guy, regular Joe, or good old boy. Will Smith in the movie The Pursuit to Happiness

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The Jester

I Don’t Want to Belong to Your Revolution if I Can’t Dance This archetype is about living life within the moment and having fun. The Jester can also be known as the comedian, prankster, clown, entertainer, punster, joker, trickster, or fool. Or anybody who likes to cut up or play. In the movies, Jim Carry

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The Lover

I Only Have Eyes for You This archetype values being in surroundings they love, their experiences, and the relationships they have with people. Lovers can also be known as harmonizers, team builders, spouses, sensualists, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, matchmakers, intimates, friends, and partners. Filmmakers often use the lover archetype with Marilyn Monroe personifying the lover in the

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The Magician

Anything Can Happen! This archetype has dreams that are seen as impossible by other people. The technology that makes their dreams come true is magic. The Magician also can be known as the medicine woman or man, healer, shaman, mediator, leader, innovator, catalyst, or visionary. The magic is sometimes simply the energy to continue to

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The Explorer

You only get one life, make it count! This archetype is thirsty for connecting with nature and for discovery. The Explorer may also be known as the rebel, individualist, wanderer, adventurer, or seeker. A rugged environment is where they feel the most at home. They do not like being fenced in and frequently feel constrained

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The Sage

The Truth Will Set You Free This archetype is a seeker of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. They are known as well as teachers, mentors, thinkers, researchers, advisors, scholars, or experts. They not only want to deeply understand the world but to share their understanding with other people as well. The Sage are lifelong learners that

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The Innocent

Free To Be You & Me This is a positive personality who has an optimistic view of life.  The Innocent might also be known as a dreamer, traditionalist, romantic, saint, mystic, traditionalist, or utopian. The Innocent character is depicted quite well by Tom Hanks in the movie Forest Gump. They frequently want to return to

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