The Outlaw

Rules are meant to be broken This archetype is enticed by forbidden fruit. They are romantic characters who are prepared to disrupt societies that have

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The Creator

If It Can Be Created If It Can Be Imagined This archetype is found in all endeavors that draw on the human imagination. They are

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The Ruler

Power is The Only Thing This archetype knows that taking control is the best thing to do in order to avoid chaos. The Ruler is

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The Caregiver

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself  This archetype has a selfless personality and is motivated by their desire to care for and protect others. The Caregiver

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The Everyman

All People Are Created Equal This archetype displays the virtues of being an ordinary and regular person part of a fun group. The Everyman might also

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The Jester

I Don’t Want to Belong to Your Revolution if I Can’t Dance This archetype is about living life within the moment and having fun. The

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The Lover

I Only Have Eyes for You This archetype values being in surroundings they love, their experiences, and the relationships they have with people. Lovers can

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The Magician

Anything Can Happen! This archetype has dreams that are seen as impossible by other people. The technology that makes their dreams come true is magic.

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The Explorer

You only get one life, make it count! This archetype is thirsty for connecting with nature and for discovery. The Explorer may also be known

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The Sage

The Truth Will Set You Free This archetype is a seeker of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. They are known as well as teachers, mentors, thinkers,

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The Innocent

Free To Be You & Me This is a positive personality who has an optimistic view of life.  The Innocent might also be known as

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