See the sun rise over some of Egypt’s most famous ancient monuments on this exhilarating hot air Luxor balloon ride. Behold the thrilling bird’s eye views as the sunlight illuminates the temples and mountains below. Gaze down over Karnak, Queen Continue reading

Aswan is more idyllic than other cities in Egypt—located in southern Egypt, it’s a great place to explore that country’s epic history far away from the chaos of Cairo

Karnak Temple is a vast temple complex in Luxor Egypt dedicated primarily to Amun and dating from as early as 2000 BC. It is an impressive sight, and second only to the Great Pyramids in popularity.

Local SEO across 65+ Local Directories

The question is, how does Google determine who to award these top local seo positions to? Google looks for references to you name in other local directories to verify that you are who you Continue reading

What Citations Can Do to Improve Your Business

There are countless places in which a citation, which is mention of the name and address as well as phone number or website for your business is mentioned, can be constructed for Continue reading

Do Duplicate Listings Matter?

Whenever a local business has multiple listings for a singular physical listing in any online directory, the other listings are considered to be duplicates. There can be a number of negative outcomes that will arise from Continue reading

This topic is one that some business owners may feel anxious, being aware that nowadays the role that customers’ voices play in the success of a business is far greater than ever before.

An ongoing and unprecedented online conversation on Continue reading

The Importance of Citations

What a citation is a mention of your business name as well as address on other websites — even if there is not a link back you your website. For example, a citation could be an Continue reading

Developing а strong corporate identity starts wіth understanding уоur target audience. Υоur marketing strategy shоuld bе based оn а thorough understanding оf potential consumers. Іt shоuld bе tailored tо thеіr nееds аnd requirements, whісh mау bе subject tо change. Тhаt Continue reading

Website On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization, keyword phrases

Keyword phrases should be separated by a pipe character ( | ) or hyphen ( – ); Search engines discount the importance of a given keyword in the page title more or less depending on the Continue reading