The client is always right

The Client is Always Right

You have no idea how many times I have heard the client say to me. “the client is always right!”, it’s a very popular maxim that happens to be dead wrong. Take a look at the following, as I am trying to recreate a typical scenario in which I prove into the the thoughts of

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The Customer is King always right UX persona

The Customer is King

The Customer is King To me “The Customer is King” is the right approach, even when the client tells me “The Designer Knows Best”, I try to get out of my own skin and use my empathy powers to really solve the problem. You see, I believe that in our everyday life we have the

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The designer is always right UX

The Designer Knows Best

Many times I have clients that tell me, Federico “the designer knows what is best”. The thing is I am not the customer, I don’t have the experience that the client has about his/her business, so unless I have years of experience doing what the client is doing, I do not know what is best.

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