Who are your ideal customers a UX experience excercise

Who are your ideal customers?

Our ideal customer is a value buyer Price is not the issue, they care about results. Value buyers have a sense of urgency and they do not need to know all the details. All they want to know is that they hired the best and are willing to pay for it . Our ideal customers

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UX Persona Low-tech Tom

Dear Federico: I am techno-phobic, I will call rather than email you. I’ll be honest with you, the only reason I don’t have a rotary phone is because they don’t sell them anymore. In-person meetings are very important to me, as I get frustrated with technology easily. I have difficulty keeping up with emails as my AOL inbox has

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UX persona ASAP

UX persona ASAP Without a Rush Charge Jackie

Dear Federico: As you know I am an existing customer. I am about to send you another emergency project (it had to be done last week). I need my project to be done ASAP but make sure you don’t charge a rush fee. You see, I work for a company that constantly puts me in

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UX Persona Second Opinion Sam

UX Persona Second Opinion Sam

Dear Federico: I may be part of a giant corporation, or maybe a small mom-and-pop shop, sharing responsibilities with a wife and or an astute cat. In either case, I need to get a 2nd, or 3rd, opinion from multiple stakeholders on absolutely every decision.When I ask everybody will provide me conflicting responses and the

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UX Character Do-It-My-Way Lucy

UX Persona Do it My Way Lucy

Dear Federico: I am curious about learning your design process, and I even willing to try some of your ideas. I could design this thing myself, I have a background in design, photography, fine arts… However, I am short on time and that is why I am contacting you, here are my concept sketches. Dear Lucy: I

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UX Character Let's Make a Deal Charlie

UX Persona Let’s Make a Deal Charlie

Dear Federico: I like to get my website done, but I want to make sure I am getting a great deal. I will spend more time discussing the cost of the project rather than the creative brief. I want to save every last penny from my hard earned money and I want to know exactly

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UX character Copycat Kathy

UX Persona Copycat Kathy

Dear Federico: I have a challenge for you, I have seen one of my competitor’s sites, and it looks so amazing that I want one done exactly like it. I want to basically make a duplicate copy of that website, can you do this for me? -Copycat Kathy Dear Kathty: It is great that you

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UX Character Indecisive Dan

UX Persona Indecisive Dan

Dear Federico: I don’t know exactly what I want. I cannot tell you what it is, however, I will recognize it when I see it. I will feel upset and frustrated if I don’t see a design that moves me. -Indecisive Dan Dear Dan: We have a process in place that allows us to discover

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UX Character Distrusting Terry

UX Persona Distrusting Terry

Dear Federico: I am hanging on to an exciting, top-secret job for a major brand, but I need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (the length of a novel). I want to make sure no one rips me off, this is very important if we are to move forward. My legalteam has created a document

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Ux character Vanishing Becky

UX Persona Vanishing Becky

Dear Federico: I am super excited about our design project, you got the approval to execute your ideas and a here is your deposit… For the next few months, I will not follow up with you andwill not answer your emails, calls or text messages. It appears that I am going through some personal issue,

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UX Character VIP Victor

UX Persona VIP Victor

Dear Federico: I work in an industry everyone dreams of getting into like music, movie, or travel… I have a job opportunity for you, but in the event that you don’t take it, I’ll easily be able to find another designer who will take your place. I am actually doing you a favor by offering

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