Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Traditional online marketing is loosing it effectiveness. It is no longer enough to come up on the top of the search engines, there are simply too many choices. There is a better way, it is called Content Marketing. The goal of CM is to provides and distributes engaging, relevant content that attracts a specific audience. The longer your audience is engage the most likely they are to buy and refer your products / services.

Content Marketing Made Fresh!

One of the biggest obstacles to launching your brand is content. Articles are the number 1 obstacle to designing a website, people don't have the time or the skills to do this, it is just reality. For any digital marketer to write about a subject we no very little about it is counter productive, we could say things that don't make sense or get something wrong which will demonstrate our ignorance of the subject and could embarrass our client... We have an answer to this difficult question, we can paraphrase your content from one or multiple sources. Why re-invent the wheel?

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1. Content is the lifeblood of marketing

You do a commendable job of taking the time to build a truly informative website together with completed social profiles. That is essential to your marketing success online but once your audience sees this what else do they look forward to?

With consistently produced and distributed content, you provide ongoing value to your audience as well as to search engines. Google especially loves fresh, valuable and relevant content. With content, your website gets a big boost in search engine rankings. Your website cannot do without it.

2. CM makes things personal

Most all Americans still get recommendations from friends or family before hiring a service or making a purchase. Now, more than ever word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. E-mails and social media do the talking these days. Over 65 percent of people are likely to buy something recommended online by friends and family. 

The lesson here is clear. Bring something to the table that is shareable and you have yourself a commodity. Your audience will appreciate good information and will share it which gives you a better chance at repeat business. 

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3. Become the guru of what you do

It is nice to tell your customers that you are there for them if they have any questions. It is even nicer if you can demonstrate your expertise regularly to become a go-to expert, the "guru" of your industry. Content marketing can make you that resource of expertise. 

Do you want to share critical industry statistics? Make an infographic. Do you want to offer processes or solutions to prospects? Write the ultimate how-to e-book.  Every piece of content that you create through online marketing builds up your reputation. It also makes you a an expert in people's minds when questions arise or when purchases need to be made.

4. Get more referrals

Be helpful to your customers, because that is one trait that will have them coming to do business with you again. A real estate agent can sell a house to a client and five years down the road still be in touch with them using emails and marketing information. This will encourage the client to do more business with them or refer them to people they know. Take a helping approach with content marketing rather than a sales approach and you will generate repeat business.

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5. Keep in touch with your customers

At Orange Snowman, we love to help businesses that have long sales cycles. These professionals are typically real estate agents, loan processors, and insurance sales people. In industries like these, you do not have repeat customers coming to you all the time (they may not need you for years). However, with the CM, you will be able to keep in touch with them because they truly to value your engaging messages. 

YES, I want to be in my customers' minds

CM multiplies the effectiveness of SEO and brings to life your brand. This is the way to obtain and retain customers. 

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