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Traditional online marketing is loosing it effectiveness. It is no longer enough to come up on the top of the search engines, there are simply too many choices. There is a better way, it is called Content Marketing. The goal of CM is to provide and distribute engaging, relevant content that attracts a specific audience. The longer your audience is engaged the most likely they are to purchase and refer your products/services.


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Signs you need to update your online marketing.

Online marketing can be tricky to master due to the multiple digital channels available and because technology never stands still. If all of this scares, you are not alone. Our goal would be to take the wisdom of your experience and translate into today’s way of promotion and communication… Signs your online media may be stock in the low-tech-zone:

  • an AOL account
  • your Comcast email
  • get the paper delivered
  • advertise in the Yellow Pages 
  • never heard of bitcoin

Content marketing made fresh!

One of the biggest obstacles to launching your brand is content. Articles are the number one obstacle to designing a website, people don’t have the time or the skills to do this, it is just reality. But how are suppose to write about a subject we know nothing about? A writer could say things that don’t make sense or get something wrong which will demonstrate our ignorance of the subject and could embarrass all involved. We have an answer to this difficult question, we can paraphrase your content from one or multiple sources. Why re-invent the wheel?


Get Creative

Online marketing manages to combine the creativity and technical tools brought forth by the internet, which includes development, sales, advertising, and design while allowing you to focus on some of these business styles.

High-quality articles will capture positive attention and generate additional traffic.

When people enjoy what they are reading, they will likely spend more time checking out your website. Link marketers will take an interest in your site because they will notice that you have genuinely engaging content that intrigues readers. And, once you have the link marketers’ attention, you will also have the attention of advertisers who would love to place specific advertisements right on your website, which allows you to earn additional passive income.

SEO Writing

One of the main purposes of having a website is to get extra exposure from a targeted audience. Search Engine Optimization is a tool that any business owner can use to ensure their website lands on some of the first search engine result pages. There are articles designed specifically for Search Engine Optimization, but they must have something to offer to the readers. Instead of a bunch of random sentences that do not make sense, all articles should be engaging and keep readers entertained while including primary keywords.


A girl should be like a butterfly, pretty to see but hard to catch.

Provide the reader with something of value

Articles should contain as much useful information as possible. Rather than cover some of the same boring topics over again, an article should take an entirely different approach, providing the reader with something they may never have known before. While it is not always possible to offer something completely new, it is always possible to take a fresh approach to something. Articles should stand out in a good way.


SEO Writing

After taking the time to create a fantastic article, it is time to spread the word. You can post your brand new article on some social media platforms. Your friends and various followers alike may decide to share the content on their own pages.

SEO Writing tips

You may want to use some of the most popular keywords at the beginning of your article, but do not overdo it. If you are using them way too much, it will be obvious that the article is for Search Engine Optimization. Add one or two hyperlinks that will lead readers to a website that relates to what you are talking about in your article. The website that you link your content to should contain high-quality articles and information as well.

The importance of using keywords

Before you start to write out your high-quality article, consider which keywords should be added to the content. Those specific keywords will also get put into the metadata of your website. The keywords may include several words and phrases that relate to your niche or business. If you own and operate a beauty supply store, some of the primary ones that you use may include “beauty supplies” and “hairstyling products.”

When you use certain keywords, they are detected by the search engines for the sole purpose of helping internet users reach websites that relate to what they are looking for online. Aside from just the keywords, the quality of different articles on various websites is also determined. If a website uses the exact same keyword dozens of times and does not use them in the correct manner, it is quite obvious that the article is not up to standards.


Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it began to fly!

Simple SEO writing tips

Start writing your article while mentioning those words and phrases here and there. When you are happy with the content you have created, read over it again to detect any errors. Do not forget to use spell check and grammar check to ensure that your content does not contain dozens of minor mistakes. Add subheadings between paragraphs to make it more readable for viewers.
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