At Orange Snowman, we are very concerned about the issues that continue to develop relating to coronavirus COVID-19. We wanted to take the time to update you on what our company is doing to ensure that we can continue without interruption of our services.

Orange Snowman is well-positioned to continue providing services to all of our customers due to the fact that our workforce has always worked from home. There will be no impact to our staff being able to work during the current health crisis.

In areas where it is not possible to work from home, like our data center partners, they have assured us that they have safety and health procedures in place in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with other federal and local health regulations.

Here at Orange Snowman, it is business as usual. We do not expect to have any issues due to coronavirus COVID-19. However, we are prepared to activate our emergency response and business continuity plans, if necessary, in order to ensure that our operations remain seamless throughout the situation.

Thank you for placing your continuous trust in us and our Online Marketing services.