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Countdown to more sales, the #1 sales widget that gets you notices and gets you more conversions and sales. Orange Snowman can help you add a countdown promotion to any page or post, we can customize ti to match your brand.

Countdown Widget

Create a sense of urgency to drive sales or conversions. Perfect for flash sales, event pages, special promotions, birthdays, weddings, one time offer, and more. Orange Snowman can help you integrate this amazing user interface in your homepage or any other page or post throughout your website.

Special Offer!

Countdown Timer Module for Elementor gives you the ability to add multiple timer on same page. You just need to drag and drop that module multiple times wherever you want.


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Can I change color or customize timer as per my wish?

Yes, You can customize it. We provided all possible options in backend to update it from default timer.

What next after timer completion?

There is an option available under ‘Countdown Expire’ where you can show message or redirect customer to another place after timer completion.

Countdown to Sales

Add countdown to any page with a simple drag & drop, then customize it visually. Change the look and feel of your countdown timers by switching between block and inline skins. We can play around with the box structure, text style, color, background and other design features. Let’s make your site one worth remembering!

What Happens When the Countdown Ends?

Easily set a custom action once the timer reaches zero. choose whether to hide the countdown, set a redirect or show a message.