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Our e-commerce options utilize powerful, user-friendly shopping cart technologies. This technology allows one to purchase physical objects as well as electronic downloads. The shopping cart is hosted in a secure server where you can accept credit card payments and have control of your inventory. A great shopping cart should be easy to use by the consumer and by the store owner. We have the technology necessary to make your business growth.

e-Commerce makes shopping easy!

Orange Snowman uses technologies that are so advance they are actually easy to use for customers and store administrators alike. No need to hire an administrator, in order to maintain your online store, basic computer knowledge is all you will need.  You can administer your e-commerce store from anywhere.  Your online shopping cart can be implemented and mirrored in multiple websites, social networks and blogs.  Manage your multiple updates from one control panel. Update your shopping cart  and your network will reflect your changes instantly!

A Real life Case Study

We can tell you, or we can show you. Fabrics by the Yard has a brick and mortar store with thousands of fabrics used in curtains and upholstery. The client originally thought they needed 2 separate e-commerce websites one for Fabrics by the Yard and another for Saturday's Inc. We built them 1 shopping cart that can be in both sites, plus a matching Facebook Page.

By carefully studying the clients needs we were able to come up with a solution that catered to their industry. Some examples: We substituted the word items for yards: One can purchase a sample of the yard for a flat fee without creating an additional set of products (3500 x 2!); Fabrics are patters that repeat at different measurements, that was variation is determined in the product details; The word sku had to change to record number, We needed to point out that a print maybe out of stock by it's reorder-able. There are multiple ways to pay, online, order and get a call back for credit card information and charge on delivery..

Fabrics by the yard

Choose from over 3,000 rolls of first run fabric.