e-Commerce Website Design 2

e-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce is the term used to describe the buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. It has become a popular way for people to shop, as it allows them access to an incredibly wide variety of products from all over the world.

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Design a cool Shop Page

Orange Snowman provides you with 8 eye-catching and stunning shop designs. They will truly blow you away. They are also highly customizable. Does your shop need a grid view? A product table or slider? We have you covered no matter what you need.
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e-Commerce Website Design 5

Beautiful Single Products

Would you like to create product pages that are user-friendly? Orange Snowman can help you do exactly that, we can change each aspect of your product pages. Orange Snowman makes it easy!

Customizable Shop Filters

Orange Snowman makes it very easy to create highly customizable and fully functional product filters. Products can be filtered and sorted by custom attributes, ratings, prices, or taxonomies.

e-Commerce Website Design 6
e-Commerce Website Design 7

Showcase Reviews

It is critical to always have your shop’s best products highlighted. Orange Snowman helps you integrate eye-catching user reviews to further optimize your products. The ratings will add value to your business and boost your sales.

Your own Product Gallery

Create an absolutely gorgeous product galleries to make your website even more impressive. 

e-Commerce Website Design 8
e-Commerce Website Design 9

User-friendly Price Table

Create an informative and clean pricing table that helps users choose the best plan for them. Orange Snowman offers you multiple options to choose from.

The ideal Cart Table

Are you bored with having the same old WooCommerce cart page? Orange Snowman allows you to customize every single aspect of your cart page, so you won’t be bored much longer. You can determine whether you would like to display the cart products side to side or in a row.

e-Commerce Website Design 10
e-Commerce Website Design 11

Intelligent Checkout Page

Have you ever considered adding more relevant fields to your WooCommerce checkout page? Now it can be done! Add all the fields that you need for your checkout page.

Show appreciation in your Thank You Page

The key to having a successful business is to show your customers that you appreciate them. Our design helps you thank your customers and make them feel special.

e-Commerce Website Design 12
e-Commerce Website Design 13

Track purchases with My Account Page

It is very important for your users to be able to track their purchases. With Orange Snowman, you can make design improvements to My Account page.

Personalized Wishlist

Your wishlist can be personalized using fully customizable tables, item buttons, currency symbols, styles, and anything else you need to make it stand out. Customers will be able to add products into their cart directly from their wishlist.

e-Commerce Website Design 14
e-Commerce Website Design 15

Sales Notification Recent Sales

Display your recent sales notifications. It promotes trust. Sales notifications can be added manually, or pulled from your orders.

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