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Federico Sandoval

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Elementor Timeline Widget

The Elementor Timeline Widget allows you to create beautiful Timelines on your WordPress website. Using the Timeline widget you can create a timeline of Posts, Custom Post Types or custom text content.

The Timeline widget for Elementor offers flexible timeline layouts. Check the samples below to explore the features of this very useful widget. Let us know if you need something like this on your website, how people interact with your information is very important.

Display Dynamic Content

You can use the Elementor Timeline widget to display Dynamic Content from Posts, Pages or any Custom Post Type on your WordPress site. This means, you get complete flexibility and control over the content output to create beautiful timeline content as per your requirements. This also helps with SEO results and gives you the flexibility to add or subtract content at will. You can see samples of dynamic content most, if not all, the major sections of this site.

Display Custom Content

Elementor Timeline widget also comes with an option to display Custom Content. This option can be put to a good use for cases like displaying history, change logs, your journey, event schedule etc. You can customize almost every aspect of the Timeline widget with styling options.

At Orange Snowman we have access to multiple versions of this Elementor plugin, let us find the one that best suits your design needs.