Elementor Gave me Back My Powers of Creativity!

I have more than 20 years of publishing experience and have seen technologies appear and disappear. About 4 years ago when the world turned responsive something happened to website designers like me, our powers of creativity where denied. What I mean by that is that to me websites were cookie cutters, ugly and “minimalist”, properly named since the things that could be achieved were truly “minimal”.

Elementor, functional and easy to use


The period of using coding to create websites is in the past. With Elementor, you don’t need to know how to write or use code in order to create websites. Elementor is a type of Drag and Drop builder, which allows you to design websites that are fully functional without having to use any form of coding.

This page builder features a layout which is made to make every process quick to access and speedy. Once you start using the page-builder layout on Elementor, you will soon discover how simple it is in order to design pages. Each setting for the widgets or columns is divided up into 3 tabs which include Content, Style and Advanced. This makes it simple to navigate to and use your desired setting. 

Elementor, a World of Design Possibilities

When websites are categorized by functionality, the simplest type is the ‘brochure’ website. Typically, a brochure website will only have just a couple of pages. They are used by small businesses wanting to have a simple online presence. This type of website effectively acts as an online brochure, to give an overview of what the business is all about, and how to get in contact with it. Usually, the content on this type of website is fairly ‘static’ – or rarely updated, in other words.

Attempting to list every kind of website may not be realistic, but the following are 11 that show up quite often. Keep in mind that most websites can (and probably do) fit in one more of the following categories:

The Most Complete Solution

Have command of your workflow all in one amazing plugin.

Design Visually

Have command of your workflow all in one amazing plugin.

Light & Fast

Create websites that are built for optimized performance. 

Today's Most Powerful WordPress Design Tool Ever Created

Responsive pixel perfect never before seen design capabilities unlike any other content management system anywhere. Take your brand to new heights of engagement.

Modular Layouts

The only thing that limits this drag and drop editing system is your imagination

Flexible Typography

Upload your custom fonts or choose from thousands of built in options

Expressive Colors

Finally you can use the power of color to increase engagement