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Facebook might have started as a social network used by college students, however, these days almost everybody who has an internet connection uses it. The minimum age on Facebook is 13, and there every indication that all other ages use it as well. Facebook does not release data publicly on what age group uses their network the most, but Pew conducted a survey that showed that the 19-29 age group was the one that the social network is the most popular with. The popularity goes down with age, with the least popular being people 65 years old and older. Rest assured, no matter which age group you want to target, there are plenty of them using Facebook.
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Technology has made it роssіblе, fоr all kinds оf people аnd enterprises tо have а virtual space fоr themselves іn thе wоrld that can stand uр tо represent as their recognition fоr thе whоlе wоrld. Wіth thе passing time thе modern pop culture аnd technology together аrе heading greatly forward wіth leaps аnd bounds.It іs оnlу smart, іn thаt case, tо usе thе nеw trends аnd technologies tо market уоur enterprise оr business better. Wіth а Facebook pаgе design іt саn bе vеrу easy аnd sіnсе іt іs thаt popular, іt іs аlsо common fоr mаnу kinds оf people tо usе іt. In order tо hаvе thе edge оvеr оthеr competitors, you need a trendy, professional, аnd personalized Facebook pаgе design.

How Big is Facebook

As the world’s biggest social network, it has more than 2.2 billion active users, and 66% of them log in every day. Just over a decade ago Facebook was completely unknown and now has billions of people using it. It would be hard to find many organization that have achieved as much success as Facebook has. Most important of all, with all of their momentum, what could possibly stop it?  Over the upcoming decade, will it go from having billions of active users down to millions or thousands? Doubtful.  Facebook isn’t going anywhere. And given their huge user base, for most marketers it really isn’t an option to ignore Facebook.  You can be sure that your ideal audience uses Facebook on a daily basis.  So how can you use your marketing to target all of these users? Fortunately the Facebook advertising platform enables you to really zero in and identify the types of individuals you are searching for. You can target them by interests, demographics, location, and more. In this guide, we will be showing you the basics for how Facebook can be used to your advantage.  

Facebook a powerful marketing channel

Facebook is flexible in addition to being very powerful.  No matter what kind of company you have, it has so many different marketing options that are available that your marketing efforts can be tailored to suit your time constraints, your budget, and your company. It is true that it takes some time familiarizing yourself with all of its features, however, it is definitely worth the time.  Facebook is still growing rapidly, and each day becomes more of an invaluable component of social media marketing. Striking while the iron is still hot is also important.  Currently companies that are adept at using Facebook marketing are enjoying an early adopter advantage still.  After more traditional marketers begin to transition into space, there will be increased competition, advertising prices will go up, and users will get a lot pickier.  If you aren’t currently using Facebook in your marketing campaigns, then you should definitely start to. Set some time aside to explore, and start a couple of test campaigns and monitor your results.  Like everything else, to get good at this does take practice.