For both societal and environmental reasons, the dairy and meat industries are not as profitable as they once were. This is true for small farms as well as for large industrial operations. Our mission is to raise funds to buy land, and where possible whole farms and their animals, from those wishing to transition out of this business as times change. We wish to provide sanctuary to the animals in this system, largely cows, so that they may live out the remainder of their lives without having to go to slaughter. The animals deserve this. Some farms in this area have been family-owned operations for generations, and we don’t wish to disparage in any way the heritage and hard work of these farmers and business owners and their families. But because these animals have worth as individuals, not just as commodities, we want to provide them safe haven.

Brand Positioning Statement

We gather funding from generous, compassionate donors in an environment of honesty and integrity. We believe that through love and empathy, we can empower and transform the lives of animals, humanity and the planet.