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What Are Google My Business Justifications & How to Get Them?

Ready to have an unfair advantage over your local competitors? Your Google My Business Directory is the most obvious way to promote your business. However, to understand and keep on top of the intricacies and challenges it represents is a job best suited to a local SEO Marketing Professional. How else will you find the time to run your business?,

Google My Business Justifications

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  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:47What are Google My Business Justifications?
  • 1:03Where Can Justifications Be Found?
  • 1:07 – Why are there any Justifications
  • 1:33 – Why Care About Justifications?
  • 1:55 – How do you get Justification to show on your listing?
  • 2:13 – Review Justification
  • 3:29 – Website Mention Notification
  • 5:04 – Post Justification
  • 5:52 – Provide Justification
  • 6:38 – Menu Highlight Justification
  • 7:24 – In Stock Notification
  • 8:34 – Sold Here Notification

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