What Will the Latest Google Update Mean to your business?

There are many challenges facing our industry today. The question is, do we have a strategy? How are we positioned to serve our new clients? Do we have the skills and know-how to turn this challenge into an opportunity? At Orange Snowman we saw this coming and we have been preparing for this day. We have expanded our content marketing capabilities, as well as expanded our knowledge of UX user experience and UI interface to provide for new market demand. We do our own testing and have our own style, but I'm not going to lie, the following SEO experts are on a league of their own, this is what they have to say:

Study Finds That 49% Of All Google Searches Are No-Click! How can you business thrive under such challenging conditions?

Will the New Google Updates Kill Your Business?

Is There a Theme That Addresses all of New SEO Issues?

A holistic integrated approach for small business that incorporates multiple disciplines to create a theme that includes a built in strategy.

I have been working towards such a solution during the last few years. I have studied UX user experience, which is a system that allows you to better define your customers as well as provide them with the answers they seek, it also takes into account the emotional stages that the customers goes through. Bottom line, UX is about creating a delightful memorable experience.

UX forces you to define what you stand for and what is the feeling you want to convey, now that is typically a brand issue.

I wanted to create a theme that incorporated multiple disciplines that would blend with each into this marketing system.

Ok so before you I give the secret to everlasting happiness, let me tell you a little bit about why I qualify to propose this answer. I had over 20 years experience in publishing before I made the switch to the online world. I have designed dozens of magazines and coffee table books. I was in charge of publishing the in-room books in many of the Las Vegas casinos, Caesars Palace, The Desert Inn, MGM Grand, Rio, The Venetian…. You get the idea. 

I was in charge of a very complex job with some though clients. This is where my graphic design education helped me tremendously, I created a grid for all of the publications and then sold this in my presentations to all my clients and they all like the new grid! I also tried to share text fonts, so that all the books became a variation of a theme. 

Another challenge I faced had to do with production, in print you print in signatures (multiples of 4). I was able to create a common signatures among the books, on other words there would be sections among all the books that would be shared among all the properties simplifying the job of the writers. Basically I created a modular system that could be shared among our publications

The reason I mention this is because the things I could do in print I could never do in the web, until now. Marketing is now about publishing!

People do not like to read! So why are we creating so many articles? I use to create text just please Google, with keywords, tags and all sorts of techniques however those hacks no longer work. Now Google understand meaning and intent much better and looks at content clusters. Google is not looking for the most specific answer, but for the most complete answer. As a result you will see articles called “information towers” with very long articles that answer a question to death. The way the information is delivered in my opinion can in best cases clean, but not very engaging. You have to be an amazing writer in order to hold the attention of a reader for that long.

The way people read magazines was they looked at the captions, the header, the sub-header, the titles. The magazine is an animation we turn, sometimes we start from the end sometimes we go back and fort on a story. The beauty of print is that it is interactive, and physically engaging, turning the page, licking your finger, the feel and even the smell of the paper makes for an engaging experience. The thing is that in order to create something that is truly engaging you need to spend a lot of time designing at a very high level. What I mean is that in order to create a really engaging website you need to hire a professional graphic designer to design a website and for most local service small business can’t afford the service or the complexity of managing such project.

What I am proposing is a modular grid system that can be fine tuned, expanded and re-use to create more variations  on a theme. I propose a theme without a contact page, about us page, or frequently asked questions. Is not that we are eliminating this information, is that it will be displayed as an integral part of the website.

The website will have a section where You will have the opportunity to declare your emphatic mission to the world. There will be a place for the oner and the company’s slogan.

1. You can have the best idea in the world if it executed poorly you will not know if it works or not. If the website is not engaging, it’s a no go from the start. So the site should have a splashy eye-candy to make people stop and stare.

2.SEO on-page optimization has not changed that much, it is basically a way to make information seem clear and organized for search engines. On-page SEO includes the new rich snippets technology. 

3. Include landing page techniques, for example in the footer area. The footer has been simplified and has another cinematic eye candy idea to make people stop and look. There is a popup that appears as you intent to leave. There is another pop up that appears on lower left corner of the page, this can have a coupon an eBook in exchange for an email, etc. The follow video illustrates some of the landing page functions.

4. Include a chat link that can be also integrated with Messenger, again to simplify things as a good graphic designer should.

5. Dynamic content allow you to pull content as needed. One of the biggest issues in SEO is duplicate content. You can’t have duplicate in your site or you get penalized. When a local client tells me they want to be in 5 cities, it use to mean that you had to basically design a unique page for each town. Elementor is a more than a page builder it is the closes thing I have seen to what I use to be able to do in print.