Digital Marketing for Hair Extensions

An interesting project for the Beauty industry. To begin we would like to understand, define the brand in order to know what are the core values of the organization.

In addition, we would like to understand what are the products they carry and what keywords make the most sense for them, for this I have created a document with the most popular keywords related to hair extensions and asked the client to provide me with feedback.

So far these are the marketing channels in question:

  3. Instagram: plushelitehairextensions
Some competitors include:
  2. Instagram: gracehandtiedmethod

Site Audit:

Critical Errors: 55 pages have a low word count

WHAT IS THIS? Without enough text on a page, Google will have trouble understanding what the content is about. If Google doesn’t know what the content is about, it won’t be able to rank your content for the search terms you are targeting. By adding more text, you are telling Google’s crawlers, and your end-users, more about what it is you have to offer. Anything less than a few hundred words is considered thin content and will be nearly impossible to rank.

HOW DO I FIX IT? Add more content to your page so that it isn’t considered thin content and has a better chance of ranking. In general, the average web page that ranks on page 1 of Google contains 2200 words.

Critical Errors:  21 pages with duplicate meta descriptions

WHAT IS THIS? Meta descriptions are the small blurbs you see in search results under the page titles. These give a quick description of what the content on the page is about. These descriptions help both the people searching and the search engine crawlers understand what to expect on each page. Avoiding duplicate meta descriptions is important as it ensures visitors will be accessing unique information. Having duplicate meta descriptions can make the ranking process more difficult as engine crawlers will have a hard time figuring out the differences between pages and what should rank and what shouldn’t.

HOW DO I FIX IT? Make sure that every page you post on your website has a meta description that is both relevant to the content on the page and one of a kind.

 SEO Warnings


  1. 1 pages without a H1 heading
  2. 5 pages with no meta description
  3. 31 pages with URLs that are too long
  4. 55 pages with a poorly formatted URL
  5. 27 pages with a <title> tag that is too short

Top 12 Keywords we will be tracking

Questions the website should answer

Google considers these questions very important, that is why we should answer them on the site.

More hints about what the website should be about:

more hints as to what our site should be about

Cossu Salon Redesign

CossuSalon Sketch

Instagram Competitors

bobhair competitor

The client likes the way this competitor captures emails

Instagram competitor

The client likes to come up with a style that will define the brand, in this case she liked the use of patterns.

plush elite landing page tablet
plush elite landing page smartphone

Here is the landing page my client requested, I think ours is a little nicer!

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy


Orange Snowman has done an in depth study of the most important keywords related to “hair extensions”, now I have asked the client to look for the terms that make sense to her business, and she has done so by highlighting the relevant terms.

To create original content we rely on the client to provide us with the text necessary, or they can point to an article that already exists so that we may paraphrase it. To better understand the process we have created the following slideshow:

Website Design Refinements

The menu has been simplified and made to elicit a simple goal, to call the client to make a reservation. The desktop displays the logo in a white background while the mobile version is black (different devices represent different experiences and the design reflects it). 


Easy to see, yet elegant and practical. If the menu gets too complicated, we may have to create a simplified one for the mobile, too many submenus will make the navigation clutter and the navigation difficult and frustrating.

Simple, clean, elegant and sophisticated is the look and feel we are going for.

The logo has been simplified, the former logo was not very legible, it needed to respond better to this scale, it is fine as it was in a large area, but not here.

Sample Navigation:

Suggested Navigation:


To begin Orange Snowman attempted to display all the necessary information in a clean way. Nevertheless, it got too clutter and it needed to be redesigned.

This what we came up with

We are representing more relevant content in less space and when you click to request more information the information is in a white background, which makes it more legible.


Everything you need to make the decision to Click to Call.

The Home page

For months, we have been creating variations to the homepage, this is where it is now.


Since then, I have added the Salon section just because is a very important part of getting extensions, the maintenance and up-keep., if the client disagrees, we will take the section off.


Simple Homepage

If we go in this direction, I suggest we carry over this pattern to give the site a sense of continuity, the client seems to like patterns that are subtle and graceful.

Portfolio Page

The Portfolio Page holds the before and afters. Notice how you can sort the images depending on what type of extensions you want to see. The images that are displayed are for comping purposes. 

The images have been confusing and have taking many hours to collect. We tried to download them from the current site as the slideshow just from one to another, not the most efficient.

I suggest we create some shareable folders to have current bank of images, its more efficient.

Salon Page

The Page is long and complex, but it is set correctly. I question why Greatlengths is not formatted like the other extension options and why Halocouture has its own page?


Extensions Page

The current page is long and complex, but it is set correctly. I question why Greatlengths is not formatted like the other extension options and why Halocouture has its own page?

Variations to this page:

Extensions- Scroll Page Option

This page is brief, to the point and it does not need any additional navigation adaptations. 

Salon Page

We believe this navigation simplifies everything. For example, the menu is getting cluttered, this is particularly felt in the mobile version.

Let’s simplify the navigation to one tab.

Halocouture Page

This page incorporates a video. Other pages also request the use of video such as:

  • beaded row extensions
  • tape in extensions

The element, on these 2, is not behaving how it is supposed to, working on fixing the glitch.

About Us Page

In here we can mention your awards and certifications.