Should I Hire An SEO Agency, Consultant, Or Professional?

Depending on how complex your site is, how willing you are to learn, and your bandwidth, it is possible to perform some of the basics of SEO on your own. However, you may find that you would rather use the guidance and experience of an expert. Regardless of which path you choose its okay! If you do decide to hire expert help, you must understand that there are many consultants and agencies that “provide SEO services”, yet the quality of these services vary widely. Knowing the right way to choose one of the best SEO agencies will save you money and time, as the incorrect SEO techniques could actually cause more harm to your site than good.

White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a reference to SEO techniques, best strategies, and practices which are abiding by the search engine rules. The primary focus of these techniques is to provide value to searchers. Black Hat SEO refers to the strategies and techniques which attempt to fool or scam the search engines. While Black Hat SEO often works, it also places the site at significant risks when it comes to becoming de-indexed (removed from search results), penalized, along with a number of ethical implications. The penalized sites have often bankrupted businesses. This is just another important reason why it is very important that you are extremely cautious when you choose an SEO agency or expert.