editorial changes
Want to play a more active role as content an editor? Take a look at these diagrams that attempt to demonstrate the logic behind some of Elementor’s widgets. The first thing you have to do is login to the site, you will get private instrucions to do that.

Login to your site

Login with your assigned credentials, use the “lost your password” if you have forgotten your password, you will get an email to reset it.

This is the dashboard, the backend of your website, we can limit the access to these options, what you are seeing here is what the “administrator” level.

Clients are welcomed to edit the text and other editorial functions of the site, to facilitate the approval process. Orange Snowman will take care of the design and the formatting of all the content.

1) To update the counter, click the upper right-hand corner of the box, in the content section update the title and number at will. 2) click on display options and choose from the very extensive icon collection.

Display Options will show you the current icon, choose an alternative if you wish.

Save when you are ready.

Update the text, don’t worry about trying to format it, I will take care of that for you.

Update the front of the flip box

Update the front of the flip box

Upload a new image or select one from the media library. To edit the back of the flip box follow the same procedure, just select the “Back” submenu from the sidebar.

If you want to see previous versions of your page or the revisions you just made a few seconds ago click on the icon with the stacked pages!

How to edit your blog

This is a very simple way to create pages and blogs, but in this case I want my client to focus on learning how to do posts.

How to create a post categories & tags

This is a way to organize your posts