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Instagram Promotions

We Can Help You Reach More People With Instagram Promotions?

We are here to help you leverage Instagram promotions to grow your business. Promoting a post on the Instagram platform is one of the best ways to effectively reach more people outside of your existing follower base. From there, you can work on converting them into customers.

In order to get started with your Instagram promotions, you can check out our comprehensive guide in order to learn the right types of promotions to leverage for your business objectives and goals. You can even watch some of our curate videos in order to help you make sense of your results.

Reach More Customers/People With Instagram

The entire platform is catered towards helping grow your business into a thriving community. First, begin by telling us your specific business goals:

1. Get more people visiting your profile by showing them what you’re all about.

2. Increase web traffic to improve online visits and sales.

3. Encourage direct messages and easily begin having conversations with your audience.

Step 1:

Get More Visits

You can leverage Instagram Promotions in order to effectively direct people to your profile where they will be able to see the content you are publishing and follow you if they are interested. This is a good way to improve the number of people you are able to reach and showcase your products, services, or even your portfolio.

Step 2:

Choose Your Business Goals

You want to get more people visiting your profile. You should be selecting this objective to maximize the potential of showcasing whatever you are offering/selling. You can send them directly to your profile to see it.

You can use the website visits objective in order to get more people visiting and browsing your online store. Likewise, you can use this section to get more people to find out about details about a particular event or even sign up for your mailing list to enter them into your lead funnel.

Get Messages

From this, you should be actively encouraging visitors to direct message you. This is especially true if you have the set goal of getting requests, appointments, and/or prospective customers to make inquiries about whatever you are selling.

Step 3:

Select An Audience With Automatic Audience

With this, you will be able to directly target those that fit the demographic of your existing followers. You can even pinpoint those with similar interests or people who are closely located. This feature will work better if you have a minimum of 1,000 followers and you don’t have a set location for your business.

Manual Audience

You can also work on crafting your own audience by choosing what location, gender, age, and interests to effectively target. For instance, if you are selling children’s items, you are likely going to be targeting adults that are located in close proximity to your store who have kids or who are otherwise interested in parenting, children’s clothing, and shopping.

Step 4:

Setting A Budget and Duration

You are going to want to begin with the default budget and duration that is already set. By beginning with this, you will be able to allow our advertisement delivery system to figure out the optimal time to get the most exposure for your Instagram post.

You’re In Complete Control Over Your Budget

You will ultimately decide how much you are spending on your Instagram Promotion. You will never have to spend more than your intended budget and you will be able to pause your promotion whenever you feel like it.

Knowing What To Expect

Both your budget and the duration that you set will dictate how many people are able to see it. As you begin to increase your budget, you can maximize the number of people you are able to reach. You can view an estimate of the number of people your post is going to reach with a specified budget.

Choosing A Duration

As mentioned, we recommend that you stick with the default duration. That way, you will be able to have the system optimize the best time to post.

Pay For Results

You will be able to track the performance of each campaign by looking at the detailed insights. As soon as you set the amount that you are willing to spend, our ad delivery system is going to evenly allocate that budget throughout the entire duration you have set.

Stay Informed

You should be using the insights gained from the promotion in order to figure out how to optimize your budget and duration. This will give you the chance to make it even better as you continue to get more information.

Goal 2

Increase Website Visitors

You can use these promotions to get people to go to your website. This is a very good option for those that are looking to drive traffic to an online store or even sign people up for their email marketing list.

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