Jensen Beach Florida

Information On Jensen Beach

Jensen Sea Turtle Beach is Jensen Beach’s primary public beach located on Hutchinson Island by the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is popular with people who want to swim, sun bathe or surf. The beach is monitored by life guards of Martin County.

Jensen Beach is also a nesting site for sea turtles well-known to those who study marine biology. To protect the nesting area, barricades are used to protect that part of the beach. Several species of sea turtles come here to nest. The most common species is the loggerhead turtle. The other two are the green sea turtle and the leatherback turtle. When a nest is found, the marine biologist estimates when the eggs were laid and records the approximate date. From that date, he estimates and records the date when the eggs are expected to hatch. This information is made known to the public so that people will be warned to avoid this area after dark during this time frame. Because the beach has been suffering from severe erosion over the years and nesting has been declining, efforts are made to protect these nests so that the sea turtles may thrive.

Jensen Beach was once a place for pineapple farming in the 1800s. An immigrant from Denmark named John Laurence Jensen came to this beach in 1881 and created his pineapple plantation. This was the birth of the town of Jensen.

Over the next four years, Jensen gained the reputation as the “Pineapple Capital of the World.” During the months of June and July every year, more than a million boxes of pineapples would be shipped all over the world. To keep up with production, Jensen built a pineapple factory.

Hard times fell on Jensen when a hard freeze destroyed almost all of the small pineapple plantations in 1895. Then, in 1908 and again in 1910, fires obliterated the rest of the pineapple farms and devastated most of Jensen Beach. The pineapple industry suffered from various agricultural and financial problems, and eventually collapsed in 1920. After this, farmers decided to start another industry in growing citrus fruits. Today, Jensen Beach still celebrates its legacy in pineapples, which has become the town’s symbol. Every year, people can celebrate this heritage in the annual Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival.