How Geo-Targeting Will Help Your Business

With the search engine algorithms constantly evolving, understanding whereas a webmaster there is an advantage is key. Geo-targeting is one of those situations where serving content based on the “geo” location of the web visitor will lead to more conversions. Done properly, Geo-targeting can be used to attract local customers through organic search.

To explain it more clearly, Geo-targeting is the seamless delivery of targeted local content to a visitor based on their physical location when accessing your web property. This would be based on their country, the region they are in, the state and down to the actual physical location they may be in. Properly optimizing for this is a proven and very successful method of organic search engine optimization (SEO).

The following are a few tips to maximize this method to your advantage:

Geo-Target Your Area Profile Pages

By including relevant local information on your profile page, you will effectively attract the right traffic to your pages. If your goal is to capture local traffic but you are advertising your product globally, ensure that you create multiple geo-targeted profile pages throughout the website. Make sure each profile page is properly done for the locale that you want to target. Have a comprehensive geo-targeting plan in place to be sure it’s executed properly.

Geo-Targeting Profile Campaigns

As mentioned above, here are examples of how you would actually structure this campaign depending on the actual goal you want to accomplish. An international company would start out by optimizing pages for the countries and/or major cities they want to target. A nationwide company would drill down into the varying states, counties and major cities they’d like to target. A geotargeting campaign for a local business would include the actual surrounding areas as well to clue in the search engines of the relevance of their website for the local area.

A good area profile page would include the general description of that area and even some historical facts. Important data such as the economic standing of the city, demographics, as well as important geographical landmarks, would be very useful. Don’t forget to include the obvious full business address, contact information plus relevant local services if you provide that.

If all of this sounds foreign to you and injecting this type of relevant local information sounds confusing, then this is where we can come in to help out by including that important layer of geo-targeting that is necessary to achieve the results we’ve discussed. For more information on our content SEO make-over program, contact us today.