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Orange Snowman has been doing local SEO for over a decade. We know how hard you work for and that is why we are here offering you the best value your money. We appreciate your trust and wish to find a mutually beneficial relation. We want to help you succeed in the ever crowded local market. There is no better way to promote your local business than with the techniques we describe here. To reach to the top of local results, you need the local directories to correctly represent you. If the local directories have inconsistencies, they generate errors. The name, address and phone number have to match exactly. Find out how your company is doing?

Local customers look for local businesses

Local SEO is where it’s at! More and more local customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses. In a matter of fact, around 64% of local customers are using the internet to find local businesses, while around 28% still use paper directories. In other words, local businesses should try to reach local customers by using the internet and local SEO. In 2008/2009, local searches grew by a lot. They grew by 58%, and that was more than double the growth in volume when compared to general searches. What this means is that more and more people are turning to Google and other search engines to find local info and businesses.

Setup a Google My Business local directory!

A Google account is essential, make sure you validate your account. Be on the look-out for the famous Google postcard, it can be confused for spam. 

Lost your local SEO rankings?

One of the biggest problems occurs when changing your address, if you update your Google My Business page and think you are done, you are in for a rude awakening your rankings will disappear. To remedy this, one has to suppress existing directories, most amateurs just keep adding imperfect directories, lots of activity but no performance.

The power of local reviews?

Reviews are your online reputation protect them fiercely. To increase your reputation ask your trusted clients to leave 5-star reviews with comments that are positive in nature. If you get falsely accused respond as soon as possible, don’t let people blackmail you. Orange Snowman can monitor your reviews and be vigilant of your reputation.

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