There is a growing trend around the world to embrace spiritual awakening.

People are looking for personal meaning and purpose in what they do. The wellbeing and sustainability of an organization is its ability to compete in the marketplace. This means it is absolutely vital to align business operations with a sense of purpose, an environment of a conscious and meaningful inclusivity.


As a trainer with 20+ years corporate experience, ENOLIA specializes in energy management for organizations and individuals. She can teach your employee how energy is a line of sight to success.


Enolia’s goal is to reestablish balance in the work environment, connection within relationships and poise to members of the working community so that each person is honored and recognized for their contribution of the whole making any company more stable and ultimately more successful.


Lecture topics on native teachings: ​​

How to embrace spiritual practice to reduce stress in a corporate setting.
How to reduce stress and anxiety to increase time management and be more productive.
Empowerment: (Re)Defining Fear, Releasing Judgement, Power of Words, Why forgive, Reclaiming Your Power
Compassionate Leadership: How to motivate team members,
Relationship Management: How to accomplish successful conflict resolution.