Both websites could use some design updates. In addition, we will need to add content, optimize the website, integrate it to GMB, and create link and citation campaigns as needed.

“Estimate Experts” is a great name. I suggest we create a multi-directory strategy. Estimate Experts- Ft Pierce, Estimate Experts- Orlando, Estimate Experts West Palm Beach, etc.

We need someone in the cities to claim the Google Postcard…

Moldenvironmental will be a bit more complicated, but maybe we can find a hack somewhere? I will present some alternatives.

We will install software that will give our work an SEO score, so our clients know we are legit. Also, we provide reports from a 3rd party for optimal clarity.

TOP SEO Estimating Keywords

  1. estimating services,
  2. electrical estimating services
  3. outsource estimating services
  4. estimating services near me
  5. professional estimating services
  6. construction estimating services florida

TOP SEO Mold Keywords

  1. mold removal service
  2. mold removal services
  3. how much does mold removal cost
  4. mold removal service near me, mold removal services near me
  5. mold removal companies near me
  6. mold removal professional cost
  7. mold remediation services

Account Access

  1. access to the websites as an administrator
  2. access to the directories as an administrator
  3. other related marketing accounts
  4. samples of websites you like

A good website for SEO content


Both websites need more content, and they need to be SEO optimized based on the keywords we have selected.

  • SEO

These screenshots show how much traffic we can expect from dominating certain keywords. It shows how the Google My Business name gets an unfair advantage over others. 


If you’re just starting out, here are 4 initial steps to take to market your mold removal company. Even if you’ve been running your mold remediation business for a while, it’s probably time to audit your marketing. 

1. Claim Directory Listings & Review Sites

Marketing your mold removal business starts with claiming your business listings. There are plenty of sites where your business is listed or could get listed. We need to take the time to claim as many listings as possible, and asses what we have in place.

Sites you should claim your mold removal business on:

Once you’ve claimed your mold removal business, check that:

  • your phone number is correct- no switching phones please
  • your business name is correct and consistently written
  • business description- ready to copy and paste
  • business hours
  • all listing have the identical business information

Most of these sites also have advertising opportunities. Even if we’re not ready to begin advertising, we should familiarize ourselves with these options. 

2. Create Social Media Accounts & Posts

Your customers spend a lot of time on social media, so it’s a great tool for marketing your mold removal business, too. We suggest we create a content marketing strategy that targets our audience.

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in having a huge number of followers, most customers probably aren’t looking to see mold content in their feeds every day.

Many customers use social media just like a search engine, so having active social profiles makes it easier for them to find you. Plus, existing customers can tag or refer you to their friends and followers. You should definitely create accounts on these sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube- If you plan on creating video content.
  • LinkedIn– To network with insurance agents, adjusters and restoration businesses. Just remember to avoid posting the same content on every platform and to target each audience correctly.

Make sure that your business name, phone number, address, description, and hours are consistent, just like with your business listings. Then create some initial content for your accounts. Remember to target your audiences correctly on each platform and avoid posting the same repetitive sales pitch.

Social Media Ads
Obviously, these are ads that cost money, but our has experience and have the ability to target the right audience. With the right message and target, we can generate high-quality  leads.

3. Ask for Reviews & Referrals

One of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your mold removal business is by asking customers for reviews and referrals. Include this as part of your process for closing out every job.

Ask for reviews- When asking for reviews, talk with the customer about sites they use the most. Then send them direct links to your profiles, so it is as easy as possible for them to leave a review. Make sure you keep track of their review process and follow up with them once they post their review.

Ask for referrals- Let them know you are on major social media networks, ask them to follow you on Facebook. Once they are on Facebook, they can see our messages every day. When you get a referral from your clients, make sure you follow up and thank them. 

4. Optimize Your Website for SEO & Conversion Rate 

Of the initial steps to marketing your mold removal business, optimizing your website will likely be the most difficult. This is also a process that is never really complete. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are both technical and content considerations: 

  • Choose wisely- Run a keyword analysis to see how your site ranks, and identify your best content gaps.
  • Measure progress- Use SEO tools to improve the quality of your content by targeting relevant keywords. For example, if you provide mold remediation services, it’s important that your content ranks highly for the keyword “mold remediation services”. If you don’t rank highly, you can rewrite your content to improve your ranking.

SEO does take time, however, so you need to be patient. Make some changes, then wait a few weeks. Check your rankings again and continue to revise your content as necessary. 

To optimize your site for conversions:
Use a minimalist, colorful design written in plain language. Make sure your call for action is clear and addresses people’s communication preferences.