Are bad reviews ruining your business?

Online Reputation Management Services

How to get good reviews while suppressing or eliminating the bad ones.

Online Reputation Management

In today's digital consumption-oriented society, one negative article, news story or customer review can kill your business. We often see these types of content surface to the top results of search engines and wipe out a company's growth. Once the public is focused on a specific search term for a product, company, name of an owner, or CEO, you better hope there's no dirt on those results. If people find this ugly information online, forget it, that lead, customer or fan, has been lost forever! Whether you're a celebrity, athlete, local shop, consultant or just an average person, you're exposed to online reputation damage. DUIs, court cases, lawsuits, compromising pictures, horrible business reviews, you name it, all this digital dirt has your personal or business name on it and all your potential clients are watching it, the damage to your livelihood can be massive.

The sooner you act, the sooner we can stop the damage from spreading!

I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.

-Abraham Lincoln

Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.

-Abraham lincoln

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?

-Abraham lincoln

Steps to a successful online reputation marketing campaign​

Orange Snowman will help you identify the key search terms that need to be silenced, muted or eliminate In order to get a clear idea of the efforts that need to be part of an online reputation management campaign. What we know is that press on trusted news sites, government sites or popular blogs or review sites can be extremely tough to outrank, but we do this every day, so it’s just a matter of assessing the damage, formulating a strategy, and taking action.

This content roadmap may include custom built websites, press releases, articles, blog posts, videos, and images. We plan out how and when we’ll publish this information to the web. How and when is very important, but where we publish this content is also critical. Publishing an article on any low ranking site will not work, the site’s themselves have to have very high authority. In addition, we utilize social media, business listing sites, local and national directories and blogs. Trusted online sites are favored by the search engines. Our content marketing services call help you, write articles, create engaging graphics and edit and produces.

We create a publishing schedule, once the trusted web properties are secured and established, we start promoting and building their authority. Getting these properties to have a higher ranking requires frequent updates, consistent, link building, social media sharing, and online promotion campaigns. In order to position any article, video or image at the top of the search results, you have to build links, create social citations and mentions from other trusted sites on the web. To do this, Orange Snowman utilizes our established relationships with dozens of media outlets, bloggers and multiple social communities.

In order to get your new content recognized, trusted and ranked, the needed authority to overtake the dirt that is already there, we need an effective reputation management strategy. Following the basic steps we follow in order to control search term results for any name, company or product.

Keep your cool!

Don't add to the drama, stick to the facts, and try to have a conciliatory tone.

Here's the big challenge!

95% of People interested in your product or service will search your personal or company name. Let's make sure that what they find are good things!

To clean up your online reputation we need a proactive, aggressive approach for cleansing and controlling search engine results. But here's the big challenge, most of this content can't be removed from the internet. Why? Because you can't control the websites this ugly, dirty, information is on. However, we can make this information difficult, or nearly impossible to be found by anyone searching your name, company or your product. Once your reputation has been stained there are no easy solutions. There's work to be done, but do not worry, we are going show you how this can be achieved.

Ways to address bad reviews​

A few bad reviews are nothing to worry about,  everyone knows that if you are in business long enough this will happen, so don’t panic. However, we strongly suggest you adapt to your policy the following suggestions.

Are you an attorney getting bad reviews because you are not taking on some cases, look at your marketing messages, perhaps you need to include words like “call to see if you qualify”, “get a free assessment of your case”. Maybe the leads you are attracting have a sense of entitlement due to the words used in your marketing efforts.

If a customer has had a bad experience, reach out to them, it is likely that what occurred was a misunderstanding that can easily be resolved offline. Let the customer know their reviews matter and that you sincerely care about what they think. Don’t worry about a few bad reviews, that is normal and expected.

respond to theft, racist, sexual harassment or defamatory remarks with extreme care. Try not to be combative, be polite, keep your composure and stick to the facts. Understand that your angry reviewer is looking to create as much drama and publicity as possible and yours is the opposite.

Once your reputation has been stained, there are no easy solutions, we need to move quickly and intelligently.