Responsive website in tablet with pen

Responsive Website Designer

Were you aware of the fact that mobile phones make up over 50% of website traffic? Google changed its algorithm for SEO rankings in early 2016 so that now mobile-friendly websites are given higher ranks than desktop-only sites. Responsive sites are mobile-friendly sites. There are many different ways for websites to interact and look good

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monthly website maintenance

Website Maintenance Plan

Monthly Maintenance Plans In addition to the regular backups and updates we provide for WordPress sites, some of our clients feel they could use more help. This is why we offer our client a monthly maintenance plan as well. You don’t need to sign any contracts for this we handle this from month to month.

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Is WordPress secure, will I get hacked if I use it?

Is WordPress secure, will I get hacked if I use it?

Were you aware of the fact that 26.4% of the entire Web is running on WordPress? These days security is a very hot topic, and WordPress is right in the middle of it due to the fact that is so widely used now. Hackers like to find targets to expend their energy on that will

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Why are mobile devices so important

Why are mobile devices so important?

Nowadays there are more tablets and smartphones being used than PCs You have to make sure that you are building a website that works on everything from a PC to a phone. Developers are challenged by this because they have to make what works on various screens. It’s no wonder why responsive web design is

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My website is running slow

My website is running slow!

Can you help my website run faster? Yes, definitely? There are many different reasons why your website might be running slow. We will conduct a series of tests to attempt to isolate the problem and then recommend how the issue can be fixed. The issue at times is with the WordPress theme. If that is

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My website has been hacked

My website has been hacked!

Can you help get your site back? Yes, definitely? We would like to say we haven’t ever needed to clean a security breach up, but we have had extensive experience with various kinds of breaches. We have partnered with a leading security firm that does the cleanup for us. We handle all communications with the

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Who are your ideal customers a UX experience excercise

Who are your ideal customers?

Our ideal customer is a value buyer Price is not the issue, they care about results. Value buyers have a sense of urgency and they do not need to know all the details. All they want to know is that they hired the best and are willing to pay for it . Our ideal customers

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UX Persona Low-tech Tom

Dear Federico: I am techno-phobic, I will call rather than email you. I’ll be honest with you, the only reason I don’t have a rotary phone is because they don’t sell them anymore. In-person meetings are very important to me, as I get frustrated with technology easily. I have difficulty keeping up with emails as my AOL inbox has

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The client is always right

The Client is Always Right

You have no idea how many times I have heard the client say to me. “the client is always right!”, it’s a very popular maxim that happens to be dead wrong. Take a look at the following, as I am trying to recreate a typical scenario in which I prove into the the thoughts of

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The Customer is King always right UX persona

The Customer is King

The Customer is King To me “The Customer is King” is the right approach, even when the client tells me “The Designer Knows Best”, I try to get out of my own skin and use my empathy powers to really solve the problem. You see, I believe that in our everyday life we have the

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Customer Empathy Map

How to Create a Customer Empathy Map

What are your customers seeing, feeling, and thinking? Typically, research notes are categorized based on what the research interviewees were thinking, feeling, doing, seeing, and hearing as they engaged with your product. It helps your team zoom out from focusing on behaviors to consider the users’ emotions and experience as well. How to Organize Your

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How to treat your design clients professionally UX study

How to Treat Your Design Clients Professionally

Etiquette For Designers Enhancing the relationships that you have with your clients doesn’t really take a lot. However, it doesn’t take a lot to damage it as well, so make sure you are deliberate and careful with the way your clients. Be sure to treat your clients how you would like to be treated, and

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